VRoid Studio Turns Bad Drawings Into Beautiful Manga and Anime Characters

A new program can now turn bad drawings into good-looking manga or anime characters. This tool, created by talented software engineer T. Takasaka (@t_takasaka), turns sketches into stunning illustrations in real-time. Individual presets are available for users so they can customize the resulting pro-level image that will be generated. They can set the character’s hairstyle, nose, and other facial features and they can see the changes as they happen. 

The software is currently in the testing phase, and Takasaka shared that he plans to add a parameter slider to the program so users can change the style and shape of a character after drawing it. In addition to helping non-artists be more familiar with digital art, the program can potentially help anime artists in the industry by lightening their workload. 

Image credit: T. Takasaka

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