The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees for 2024Eight new inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were announced Sunday evening. They are: Cher, Ozzy Osbourne, Mary J. Blige, A Tribe Called Quest, Dave Matthews Band, Foreigner, Peter Frampton and Kool & the Gang. This will be the second induction for Ozzy Osbourne, and he was included with Black Sabbath's induction in 2006. The criteria for induction into the Hall of Fame is that 25 years have passed since the artist's first album, and each is selected by a panel of hundreds of worldwide experts determining the "influence and significance of the artists' contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll."The official induction ceremony will be held on October 19 in Cleveland, Ohio. It will not be broadcast live, but will stream the next day and will be broadcast at a later date. Read about other musical artists who will receive awards at that time and who did not make the cut this year at The Hollywood Reporter. -via Fark ​(Image credit: Raph_PH) 
The Teaser Trailer for One Hundred Years of SolitudeOne Hundred Years of Solitude by Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez is considered one of the greatest novels of all time. It is long, epic, complex, and written in a prose that borders on poetry. Although it was first published in 1967, it was never adapted to the screen, mainly because García Márquez (who died in 2014) never sold the rights to the story, but also because the story of seven generations of a family was considered unadaptable. But Netflix is taking a crack at it, with a 16-episode television miniseries in Spanish. We don't have a release date yet, but those who have read the book fear that in the hands of Netflix, it will pale in comparison to the novel at best, and prove a disaster at the worst. They warn us that we should all read the book before seeing the series. -via Nag on the Lake​
Anime Girl Sampling Music Is Wonderfully BizarreI’m a serious anime fan, so I’m about 90% confident that this video is perfectly fine. I can’t speak Japanese, but I’ve picked up enough of the language from watching subtitled anime to recognize “oni-chan”, which is the familial form of address for a big brother and “senpai”, which is way to address someone of senior rank, often a student in a higher grade than oneself.Otherwise, all I know for sure is that musician Yuri Umemoto is a true artist who can take a sample piece of dialogue and use it on an electric piano to create an oddly compelling composition. That’s most of anime anyway: oddly compelling.-via Threatening Music Notation
The Real Story Behind What Jennifer DidThe documentary What Jennifer Did debuted on April 10 and is the number one movie on Netflix this week. The story involves Jennifer Pan, who hired a hitman to take out her parents in Ontario in 2010. Whether or not you've seen the documentary yet, you'll want to read a rundown of the case here, with a look into the possible motives behind Jennifer's actions. But you still don't have the whole story. The movie ends with the news that Jennifer and her three co-defendants (one is deceased) had their murder convictions thrown out in 2023 and are awaiting retrial! What? The grounds for the appeal that overturned the trial results, which leads to an odd coda in the story, are some pretty arcane legal points that Vox details for us. They are still in prison, as the conviction for the attempted murder of her father, who survived the attack with permanent injuries, was not overturned.
It Almost Happened: Robin Williams on Star Trek: The Next GenerationThe First Star Trek Movie, a history of efforts to bring Star Trek from television to the big screen, mentions in an aside that during the heyday of Star Trek: The Next Generation, many actors wanted to guest star on the show. Among them was Robin Williams.
How to Promote a Movie and Draw Attention from the PoliceThe First Omen is now in theaters. It is the sixth movie in The Omen franchise and a prequel to the original 1976 movie. In the lead-up to the film's opening, Disney sent out letters to journalists and bloggers to get their attention. The first letter was nothing but creepy children's drawings of little girls with their faces crossed out, which factors in the movie. A second letter was later sent to explain the first letter and promote the film. What could possibly go wrong? One of the recipients was a blogger, but she is also a political candidate running for the Missouri state House of Representatives on a pro-choice ticket. In today's tension-filled political climate, getting an envelope full of disturbing drawings with no explanation seemed like a threat, so Amanda Taylor called her local police about it. Read the particulars of a PR campaign that didn't land well at the A.V. Club.