Saturday Night Live Says Goodbye to Four Cast MembersTonight is the final episode of Saturday Night Live season 47. It will be the final performance for Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney, and Pete Davidson as regular cast members. Many longtime SNL fans agree that it's time to pare the staff down, as the regular cast has grown to 21 people, with eight members working on SNL for eight years or longer. It's very possible that four of them can leave without being replaced. It's also been hinted that all four will appear on tonight's show for a goodbye skit or tribute. McKinnon and Bryant have been with SNL for ten years now, and have both proved to be masters of impressions. McKinnon notoriously embodies everyone from Nicole Wallace to Rudy Guiliani. Bryant rises to any demand, and made quite an impression as Ted Cruz. Mooney has been with the show for nine years, and was criminally underutilized. Pete Davidson has been on SNL since 2014. He's been in the news more for his off-screen antics and relationships, and only appeared in a few episodes this season. All four have other projects in the works, some under the production wing of Lorne Michaels. Read more about the departing cast members at Deadline.#SaturdayNightLive #SNL #cast
Flashback: Star Wars Interview 1977TV was different 45 years ago. Talk shows were different, and movies were about to take a great leap into the future. In the summer of 1977, The Mike Douglas Show welcomed three little-known actors, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Harrisons Ford, on to talk about their new movie Star Wars. The other guest is Richard Thomas, who was starring in The Waltons at the time. What was strange is that they talked about Star Wars a little, but the majority of the banter was about other things. Douglas talked to Fisher about her family, and Hamill was asked about his previous roles. Ford was hardly given any time at all! Just a few years after this show, any one of the three could have carried an entire hour. -via Metafilter#starwars #retroTV #theMikeDouglasShow #1977
Kathleen Kennedy Says Star Wars Will No Longer Recast Classic CharactersLucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy says that Disney will no longer cast younger actors to play existing characters in Star Wars stories set in an earlier time period. She cited the lukewarm reception of the 2018 movie Solo: A Star Wars Story and the success of the TV series The Mandalorian as factors in the decision. Solo was an origin story of sorts for the character Han Solo, with Alden Ehrenreich playing the title character and Donald Glover playing Lando Calrission as younger men. Kennedy says that the future of the Star Wars franchise means expanding the known universe to focus on new characters. She's right about that. We had nine films that relied way too much on genetic relationships and too much on one forsaken planet at the outer rim of the galaxy (Tatooine). They also relied too much on nostalgia, with the prequels shoehorning in characters like C3PO and Chewbacca who had no business being there, and the sequels were so reliant on legacy characters that Carrie Fisher's death forced a rewrite of The Rise of Skywalker.However, Kennedy only said that younger actors will not be cast for these roles. That doesn't mean that legacy characters will not show up occasionally. Luke Skywalker was in The Mandalorian. Carrie Fisher was digitally recreated for a flashback scene in The Rise of Skywalker. Could Kennedy's announcement mean that Disney will still use legacy characters, but only with cheaper digital recreations?The upcoming miniseries Obi-Wan Kenobi uses a grandfathered actor in Ewan McGregor, who portrayed Obi-Wan way more than Alec Guinness ever did. But how will this affect the long planned TV series about Lando Calrissian? Not much has been said about the show, although Donald Glover seems to be on board with playing the character again. Like McGregor, this might not count, as Glover has already played the character. Only time will tell. -via reddit #StarWars #StarWarscasting
The Trailer for She-Hulk, Attorney at LawShe-Hulk, Attorney at Law is a new Marvel TV series on Disney+ starting in August. It's a comedy about Jennifer Walters (played by Tatiana Maslan), a lawyer who specializes in superhero-related cases. But she's also a superhero herself, as she grows a couple of feet taller and turns green to become She-Hulk! The nine-episode limited series is also an excuse to give some other Marvel regulars something to do between movies. Mark Ruffalo will appear as Bruce Banner (The Hulk), and we may see others in cameos. Whether or notShe-Hulk, Attorney at Law is a hit, we definitely need more superhero comedies.  -via reddit #SheHulkAttorneyatLaw #Hulk #Marvel
How Helicopters Are Used to Film Action MoviesOne thing that is absolutely crucial in making an action movie is movement. Filming with a helicopter give you amazing angles and points of view, plus movement that doesn't interfere with the actual stuff going on in the plot. Getting these shots is anything but simple. Camera pilot and aerial coordinator Fred North has flown around to film war, explosions, car chases, and more. Sometimes his camera-copter is a character in the movie at the same time he shoots it! Otherwise, he has to film while staying out of frame for the ground cameras. So he's just as much a stunt pilot as he is a cameraman. North explains what goes into filmmaking with a helicopter, which is as exciting to see as any movie as far as I'm concerned. I was watching this and waiting for the helicopter to collide with something at any moment, but skill wins out. -via Digg​#filmmaking #helicopter #cinematography #actionmovie
Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra Wins Eurovision 2022To the surprise of absolutely no one, Ukraine has won Eurovision 2022. The prize goes to Kalush Orchestra for their song "Stefania." The six-man hip-hop group garnered 631 points, including a record 439 votes from the public. The organizers of Eurovision normally try to avoid politics, but Russia was excluded from this year's competition because of the invasion of Ukraine. The entire finale night of the competition had a a theme of war and peace. And while accepting the prize, Kalush Orchestra frontman Oleg Psiuk asked the global audience of millions to help Ukraine in its hour of need.