Creating Food for Science Fiction ShowsBreaking bread together is a big part of life, and it is naturally incorporated into movies and TV shows. That can get complicated in science fiction. Aliens and people in the future don't eat the same foods we do, but actors do. Food stylist Janice Poon has catered onscreen banquets for many sci-fi movies and TV series you've seen, and has a lot of things to consider before she cooks. The image above is of a "human arm ham" platter Poon created for the TV series Hannibal. Science fiction food sometimes has a set of requirements in place ahead of time, and other times comes with no instructions at all. The food must be believable in the fictional world, completely edible, and palatable to the actors. It also must look good on camera. Then there are the special requirements unique to the production. Does the eater wear prosthetic hands? Will the food interfere with alien makeup? Can the food be chewed before the actor's next line is said? Poon tells us about what goes into science fiction food in an podcast text excerpt at Eater. You can also listen to the entire podcast at Gastropod. See more of Janice Poon's creations at Instagram. -via Nag on the Lake​(Image credit: Janice Poon)#food #sciencefiction #moviefood #TVfood #foodstylist
Surprises Hidden in The Shawshank RedemptionThe Shawshank Redemption was a sleeper hit. It didn't make much stir when it was released in theaters in 1994, most likely because of all the other, flashier movies out at the time. But on home video and TV, it grew to be a cult classic, and a generation of viewers love it. As such, we didn't have a lot of trivia articles about it on the internet. Fame Focus addresses that oversight with a new video. Here we have tidbits of trivia, and a breakdown of the film's special effects. What? You didn't know The Shawshank Redemption, a period prison drama, had special effects? It certainly did, and before CGI became used in every single scene of every movie, they had to get creative for them. Learn about what went into the filming of The Shawshank Redemption, including a small detail that bugged the director for ten years before it was corrected, in this video. #TheShawshankRedemption #specialeffects #trivia
“Little People, Big World” Property for Sale for $4 MillionMatt Roloff, from Little People, Big World fame is selling off a large chunk of his Oregon property. Those with $4 million to spare will be able to purchase just over 16 acres of the famous Roloff Farm. The parcel includes a Craftsman style 5-bedroom home and large barn with offices. But wait, that’s not all. Also included is a pool, castle, pirate ship, mine shaft, Old Western town, and several bridges. Many of the unique features of the property will be recognizable to Little People, Big World fans.The gorgeous property is located in Hillsboro, Oregon. Hillsboro is known as being one of the oldest communities in the state of Oregon. Moreover, Hillsboro is situated in the beautiful Tualatin Valley and just a short commute to the hustle and bustle of Portland. (Image Credit: Zillow)#Rolofffarm
Contenders for the 2023 OscarsIt seems kind of crazy to be picking movies to be in the running for Best Picture in 2023- even the nominations for the Academy Awards are still months away! But we are in that particular time of year when things start to take shape. The prestigious summer film festivals are over, the reviews are in, and we know what prestige films will be released the rest of the year. While October is full of horror films, November and December will see the release of the movies that the studios think have a good chance at an Oscar. That's when family holiday moviegoing happens, and those movies will still be fresh in academy member's memories when the ballots go out. The biggest films of the year still top come include Steven Spielberg's The Fabelmans, Avatar: The Way Of Water, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Everything Everywhere All At Once, Nope, RRR, Top Gun: Maverick, and a bunch of movies you've not heard of yet. The A.V. Club has a slideshow that will introduce you to twenty of them with release dates and trailers. If you don't care at all who wins Best Picture next year, you'll want to get a taste of what will be in theaters for the rest of the year so you can plan your cinema schedule.#film #movie #prestigefilm #Oscar #AcademyAward 
Forget Tiger Mom, One Writer Say It’s Time to Try Jellyfish ParentingEmma Brockes wrote an interesting and personal piece about parenting in New York City. The title of the article is, “Say goodbye to the ‘tiger mom.’ Welcome to the school of jellyfish parenting.” In the essay she essentially discusses breaking free from the parental overinvestment in extracurricular activities. Tiger moms, or tiger parenting, is that strict model of parenting. The one where the parents are more than highly invested in the success of their children. Essentially the parents take it upon themselves to micromanage the children in an attempt to guarantee the child’s success. Jellyfish parenting, according to Brockes, is essentially the exact opposite of tiger parenting. Like a jellyfish, the parent style is more free flowing. If the kid wants to try an activity try it. If, however, after a few weeks the kid loses interest in said activity there is no shame in dumping it.(Image Credit: NeatoShop)#jellyfishparenting
Barrio Dona's in San Diego is Said to Have the Best Horchata in All of CaliforniaCalifornia is a huge state. It’s no wonder that several cities in California are known worldwide for their food. For instance, Los Angeles is known for In-N-Out Burger while San Francisco is known for its clam chowder. Now, according to Yelp, San Diego can add the best horchata to the list.Horchata, a traditional drink that is made from rice, vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar was found to be the best in San Diego. Yelp looked into various factors, like the volume of reviews and overall ratings of the businesses. After analyzing the high concentration of horchata reviews, Yelp finally decided that San Diego had the best. Specifically, Barrio Donas has the best horchata of all the horchata places in California. The best part, this restaurant is open seven days a week which makes it accessible to more people. Who’s dreaming of a trip to sunny San Diego and craving horchata now?Image credit: Janet Martinez#Horchata #SanDiego #Food #Drink #BarrioDonas #California