Potential Storylines in Your Favorite TV Shows that were ScrappedTV writers play around with characters and storylines and sometimes free-associate ideas. Some of those ideas are considered, but are discarded for one reason or another. Quite often, it's a reaction to how the show is going, like several instances characters who was supposed to die but didn't because the audience liked them so much.Sometimes it's very close to recording or even airing an episode when the idea falls through. Buzzfeed takes us into the writer's room behind TV shows for 22 things that might have happened in those series, but ultimately weren't. Some are relationships that never got off the ground, but would have changed the entire show if they had. Some are major plot points, like the identity of a murderer. On more than one occasion, several versions were actually shot, and they only decided afterward which version to air. And some are just plain crazy, like having the entire Friends gang move to Minnesota. That would certainly have strained our suspension of disbelief. 
ICE! is a 17,000-Square-Foot Frozen Attraction in TexasJust in time for the holidays!If you’re looking for a place to visit during the Christmas season, this attraction in Texas might just be for you (and your friends or family). The park is called ICE!, a man-made sculptural park that hosts different artworks and other fun things to look at. For the first time in two years, the park is finally opening to visitors. Located in the Gaylord Texan Resort, artisans have brought their take on the classic The Polar Express film, which involves a lot of fantastical creatures in the spirit of a winter holiday. Over two million pounds of ice were used by a team of 40 artisans to bring the attraction to life. The artworks that visitors can see in the park range in size, complexity, and design. They also utilized different materials aside from the ice itself, such as LED lights, to bring a more festive cheer to the wonderland. If you’re worried about the ice melting, don’t. ICE! is held in a climate-controlled room, which is maintained at around -12 degrees Celsius (9 degrees Fahrenheit). Guests will be provided with a parka upon entry to beat the cold. Aside from being a visual treat, the park will also have some amenities to entertain its younger guests. These include two-story tall ice sliders, ice tunnel rides, and a live sculpture demonstration. "Since debuting here in 2005, ICE! has always been a one-of-a-kind attraction for our guests, and we're excited to welcome this Gaylord Hotels tradition back this year with The Polar Express™ and all the beloved characters from the classic holiday movie," said Chuck Pacioni, the general manager of the resort. For those interested, the area can be visited until January 1, 2023. Image credit: NBC 5
Your Christmas Movie Streaming GuideLet the Christmas movie season begin! While you're munching on a leftover turkey sandwich and putting up the Christmas tree, it's the perfect time to stream your favorite Christmas movie. Maybe it's a classic you watch every year, or maybe it's one you recall from your childhood but haven't seen for quite some time. With so many streaming channels, you can watch one of these old favorites whenever the mood strikes you. Make the most of what's left of Thanksgiving weekend, and put yourself in the right mood to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. From It's a Wonderful Life to Elf to Christmas Vacation to Gremlins, plan your viewing with a streaming guide to classic Christmas movies from Den of Geek.
A Roundup of Comedic Parodies of A Christmas CarolThe story known as A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens has been told and retold so many times that most of us know it by heart. The wealthy but mean miser Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future and scared so badly that he changes his ways and becomes generous and joyful just in time for Christmas. It's so familiar to us that it's always ripe for parody, because jokes and twists can be added without the audience ever losing the basic thread of the story. The latest parody is the new movie Spirited, a musical comedy starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds, now playing in theaters and streaming on Apple TV +. There were certainly plenty of comedies centered around Scrooge preceding it that you might want to look up and watch as we enter the Christmas season. Cracked introduces us to more than a dozen Scrooge parodies, divided into the categories of movies, television, animation, and a special category just for Saturday Night Live sketches, because there have been so many of them. Not all of these have videos attached, but enough do to keep you busy laughing at Scrooge on a holiday weekend.
The 100 Best TV Theme Songs, RankedWhat makes a TV theme song great? For one thing, it has to be memorable for a lot of people. This gives an edge to TV shows that were hits before the age of cable, streaming, and a splintered audience, like the them from M*A*S*H or The Andy Griffith Show. I thought the theme from Northern Exposure was excellent, but the show isn't aired much anymore so people forget. However, Rolling Stone didn't use that criteria for their list of the top 100 TV theme songs, so you will encounter plenty of entries you aren't at all familiar with. They used two factors: 1. how objectively good the song is on its own, and 2. how well it works with the show it's introducing. Number ten isn't even a real TV show, but there are still 100 songs because two themes were ranked at number two in a tie. You can skip directly to the top ten here. -via reddit​
An Honest Trailer for PocahontasScreen Junkies has been going back in time and picking up some movies that everyone knows, and were released before they started doing their Honest Trailer series. Today they are giving us the lowdown on Disney's 1995 animated feature Pocahontas. Yeah, that was ten years before YouTube! In this movie, Disney reached back into history to find an American princess, and had to alter the real story beyond recognition to make it happen. In reality, Pocahontas was a little girl who was not a princess, and she had no romantic relationship with John Smith. We don't even know for sure whether she actually saved his life, either. She was eventually taken to England where she married John Rolfe and then died young. Somehow I didn't pay enough attention to the movie the first time around to notice it was an American history copy of The Little Mermaid. The real treat in this Honest Trailer is the parody of the song "Colors of the Wind."