An Honest Trailer for M3GANThe science fiction horror movie M3GAN was only released three weeks ago and is still playing in theaters, but Screen Junkies has an Honest Trailer ready anyway. Anyone who has even heard of the movie knows it's about a creepy robot that looks somewhat like a little girl. The robot uprising is already a pretty well-worn plot point, but this Honest Trailer looks at the family story behind it, and it's pretty creepy to start with. You get the feeling that they deserve the mayhem they have invited into their home, and that the robot is right in her assessment of their screwed up family dynamics. But (spoiler alert) we are told that no one of consequence dies in the movie, which is a blatant setup for a sequel. How good could it be if that's a deliberate choice in horror film?
Ranking All The Winners Of The Album Of The Year At The Grammy AwardsThe Grammy Awards is a show that is recognized as the most prestigious and significant accolade to be given to musicians worldwide. Presented by the Recording Academy of the United States, the winners are usually regarded as the best of the best. Hell, even being nominated is already an honor on its own.One of the main awards given in the event is Album of the Year. Usually, they’d crown the best of the best for that year, however, you’ll probably see some discourse online now on how it wasn’t really a good choice. So far, the Grammys have handed this award to 64 winners. There seems to be a progression in how the academy members chose in terms of genres: from jazz and vocals to rock to pop and to hip-hop. Billboard provides its ranking on the winners of the prestigious award, seeing how all of these albums stack up against one another. Check the full list here! Image via Carousel #Grammys #award #music #billboard #albums #musicians 
Bloopers and Outtakes They Should Have Left In the MovieWhat you see in the picture above is a genuine spit-take caused by an improvised line that never appeared in the movie Mean Girls. It should have. Every movie has tons of footage of flubbed lines and giggles that often get released after the film peaks. These compilations can be a treasure trove of improvised lines, jokes, and pranks that are funnier than anything in the final cut. Some of those clips weren't used because they caused the actors to break character, which we really don't mind when we go to see a comedy. Or an improvised joke could have changed the arc of the scene or even the entire movie plot. Still, it's well worth it to go back and watch these outtakes and wonder what might have been. Cracked found the best jokes in nine movies and TV shows that never made the final cut that should have been left in, with all the necessary videos to see them.
Knightrider Street Sign Gets Knight Rider LightsAs an 80s kid, I grew up watching the thrilling action/drama show Knight Rider. The rolling light display at the front of the K.I.T.T. car is immediately recognizable.Residents of London might have a different memory. That’s because there’s a Knightrider Street and Knightrider Court just south of St. Paul’s Cathedral.This inspired YouTuber Matt Grey to duplicate K.I.T.T.’s iconic light display with LEDs and place it under the sign. This was not just street art, but essentially creative vandalism and Grey was seriously concerned that he would have an ugly encounter with the police if he was caught.Fortunately—for all of us—Grey was able to display his digital art and remove it without any problems.
Marie Kondo is No Longer TidyBack in 2019, Marie Kondo was everywhere. If not in person, or on TV in the Netflix series Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, the organization expert's name was being used as a verb, meaning to de-clutter and simplify your home and your life. She inspired thousands, maybe millions of people to get rid of anything that didn't spark joy. But that was years ago, and a lot has happened. With a global pandemic, scrambled school, work, and childcare arrangements, economic woes, and political upheaval, people retreated to their homes (or even changed homes) and proceeded to surround themselves with more things, hoping to spark some joy. Kondo herself has changed, too. She gave birth to her third child in 2021, and has given up on being tidy and organized. Three kids, one of them a new baby, will do that. Kondo even admitted that her home is now messy. But she's already lent her name to a philosophy that will be remembered, if not always followed. (Image credit: Web Summit)
The Most Iconic Revenge Dresses EverThe revenge dress phenomenon is iconic. Yes, we’d like to see women break out and be more beautiful when they break up with a significant other. It's good that in the face of heartbreak, they can put the best (beautiful, gorgeous) version of themselves.The term was coined by tabloids when Princess Diana stepped out of her car in a stunning black dress, hours before her ex-husband publicly confessed to his adultery. Her Christina Stambolian number broke royal dress codes and stirred the press, which started the trend and rise of these kinds of ensembles. For a more straightforward definition, the revenge dress is always worn in the wake of a recent split. Usually, it implies “this is the bad girl you’ve set aside,” or “thank you, next.” Newer statements include Miley Cyrus’ “I’ll be a better lover to myself than you ever will be.” They can be sexy, sultry, revealing, and often in dark colors. Vice looks at the most iconic revenge dresses in history, from Princess Diana’s dress that started it all to Miley Cyrus’ YSL gown, we can see how the look and shape of these clothes changed in history, but the meaning remains the same. Check all the looks here!Image credit: Miley Cyrus