VRoid Studio Turns Bad Drawings Into Beautiful Manga and Anime CharactersA new program can now turn bad drawings into good-looking manga or anime characters. This tool, created by talented software engineer T. Takasaka (@t_takasaka), turns sketches into stunning illustrations in real-time. Individual presets are available for users so they can customize the resulting pro-level image that will be generated. They can set the character’s hairstyle, nose, and other facial features and they can see the changes as they happen.The software is currently in the testing phase, and Takasaka shared that he plans to add a parameter slider to the program so users can change the style and shape of a character after drawing it. In addition to helping non-artists be more familiar with digital art, the program can potentially help anime artists in the industry by lightening their workload. Image credit: T. Takasaka#program #software #art #anime #illustration #digitalart
If Cartoon Characters Were Real PeopleBrazilian artist Hidreley Diao has been experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI) to create photographic portraits that don't exist in real life. Recently, he's been turning characters from animated films and TV shows into real people! For example, the face above is a photographic rendering of Moe from The Simpsons. This person doesn't exists in real life, but he may well remind you of someone you know. Below is a portrait of Kristoff from the Disney film Frozen. Click to the right to see the original character.
Data Scientist and Artist Turned Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series Into Digital ArtThis is a surprising collaboration. Definitely welcome, though!Datapolis’ chief data scientist Milan Janosov Ph.D. collaborated with digital artist Flora Borsi to create a paper that merged data science with art. The two analyzed Isaac Asimov’s science fiction book series Foundation and turned the results into a unique digital artwork. The researchers analyzed over 350,000 words to create the artwork. "We found that among the most mentioned keywords there were three different planets. If someone is familiar with Foundation they know very well that it is a journey across the galaxy and also across time, because it is set in the far future. So we started to look at the planets themselves and how their storylines unfold," Janosov explained. Image credit: Janosov and Borsi.#DataScience #IsaacAsimov #MilanJanosov #FloraBorsi #DigitalArt #Foundation
Digital Artist Jan Koudela Reimagined McDonald's Happy Meal Boxes and Toys as Iconic 80s MoviesKids love getting a McDonald’s Happy Meal! There’s always a thrill in getting a toy with a meal, after all. The company launched this particular product in 1979 with the Star Trek Happy Meal.The themed toy-and-box set meal has featured aspects of pop culture since its initial release in the US. Even though different Happy Meal themes have been released, other iconic films and characters remain to be seen. TheToyZone collaborated with digital artist Jan Koudela to reimagine iconic characters and movies from the ‘80s into hypothetical Happy Meals.The artist featured films such as The Breakfast Club and The Shining. In addition, classic animated characters such as the adorable fluffy companion Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro were chosen as themes for the hypothetical Happy Meals.Image credit: Jan Koudela #McDonalds #HappyMeal #Reimagined #TheToyZone #JanKoudela #DigitalArt #TheShining #MyNeighborTotoro #TheBreakfastClub