Akira Fan Builds Kaneda's MotorcycleEver since its debut in 1982, Akira has earned the reputation as one of the most iconic manga titles ever published. When the anime movie was released in 1988, Akira sealed its status as a global phenomenon whose influence is still felt to this day.Recently, an Akira fan and motorcycle enthusiast named Ayato made waves when he showed off his custom-built Akira motorcycle replica. Ayato, who goes by the name Teruteru Boizo on Youtube, took an old junk bike and reassembled it to look like Kaneda’s iconic red bike in the comic. On his Youtube channel, Ayato displayed how he added LED lighting to its wheels, recreating the futuristic glow of the bike. Though the replica still lacks the motorcycle's distinct red paint and corporate branding, it already impressively recreates the cyberpunk look of the motorcycle that has enchanted generations of fans.#Akira #anime #manga #Kaneda #motorcycle #Ayato #cyberpunk #TeruteruBoizo #replica
Anime-Themed Ice Cream Parlor Opens in CaliforniaTsun Scoops likes their ice cream, but doesn’t care if you do.(That’s an anime inside joke. I’ll explain: a tsundere is a stock character who is in love with the main character, but acts like s/he hates the main character.)Okay, with that explained: Tsun Scoops is an anime-themed ice cream shop in Garden Grove, California. It currently offers 14 flavors, all of which are subtle anime references. Bubble Gambatte, for example, is taken from the classic anime Bubblegum Crisis. How did this ice cream parlor get started? You can read its origin story in manga form.-via Food with Bros#anime #manga #icecream
VRoid Studio Turns Bad Drawings Into Beautiful Manga and Anime CharactersA new program can now turn bad drawings into good-looking manga or anime characters. This tool, created by talented software engineer T. Takasaka (@t_takasaka), turns sketches into stunning illustrations in real-time. Individual presets are available for users so they can customize the resulting pro-level image that will be generated. They can set the character’s hairstyle, nose, and other facial features and they can see the changes as they happen.The software is currently in the testing phase, and Takasaka shared that he plans to add a parameter slider to the program so users can change the style and shape of a character after drawing it. In addition to helping non-artists be more familiar with digital art, the program can potentially help anime artists in the industry by lightening their workload. Image credit: T. Takasaka#program #software #art #anime #illustration #digitalart
Turning Trash into Anime Art: YouTuber Studson Studio Made Howl's Moving Castle From Pieces of JunkIn the 2004 Studio Ghibli anime classic Howl’s Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki, a girl turned into an old woman found herself in a magical castle that can move. The castle was enchanted by a wizard named Howl, and looked like four looming towers, “bespelled” to hold together around an instant bulgogi udon bowl.YouTuber Studson Studio (also at @studsonstudio) decided to make a replica of Howl's Moving Castle. Using empty bottles and other trash and junk items, even an actual instant bulgogi udon bowl, he replicated what the castle would look like in real life if it were the size of a medium-sized dog.If you want to try it on your own, he posted a 52-minute video on his channel detailing every step in making the replica. Be sure to also use junk items for your project so Mother Earth would be happy!#JunkArt #StudsonStudio #anime #HowlsMovingCastle #HayaoMiyazaki #StudioGhibli #castle #junk #trash
Laputian Robot from Ghibli's Castle in the Sky Made out of SugarIt's not an anime figure, it's a cookie!Cookie artist duo WHIP SUGAR (@YuicihiroG) shared this icing cookie recreation of the Laputian Robot from Ghibli’s Castle in the Sky. The dilapidated soldier from the film only appeared for a short time, but people loved it regardless. The husband and wife team recreated the character as an icing cookie, complete with the smallest details! From the moss to the robot's fingertips and to the fox squirrel on his shoulder-- everything can be seen in the cookie.The intricate and dedicated craftsmanship in the pastry is so good that I thought it was an anime figure. It’s that amazing.Image credit: WHIP SUGAR #Ghibli #CastleInTheSky #WHIPSUGAR #IcingCookies #cookies #pastry #baking #anime #LaputianRobot
Keem Ooi Paints Amazing Roll Cakes Inspired by Anime and MoreKeem Ooi is a self-taught master baker in Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. On Instagram, she goes by the appropriately bold name Keempossible. She is a specialist in the fine art of roll cakes, which she carefully paints with designs inspired by pop culture, such as this image of Sakuna from the anime series Jujutsu Kaisen.#Keempossible #cake #rollcake #Sakuna #JujutsuKaisen #anime
You Can Now Buy Gundam Emergency Rations in the Real WorldAnime fans can now stock up on Gundam-themed emergency rations and be ready for any fights or other emergencies!The Principality of Zeon Emergency Rations are cans filled with Japanese hardtack called kanpan. This survival bread is a popular souvenir from vending machines in Akihabara. The outer casing of the emergency rations has the Zeon symbol, straight from the Mobile Suit Gundam series. The kanpan in the rations was made by Sanritsu Seika, a confectionary shop in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture. The prefecture is also where the largest Gundam model kit factories are located, so it's no surprise that a manufacturer in Shizuoka was picked for the collaboration. Image credit: Casey Baseel /SoraNews24; Stephanie Liu/Siliconera#Anime #Gundam #AnimeMerchandise #ThePrincipalityOfZeonEmergencyRations #Kanpan #SanritsuSeika 
The Cutest Totoro Shrimp Burger With Matching Soot Sprite FriesInstagram user @petrichoro posted her version of a shrimp burger inspired by the internationally acclaimed 1988 Studio Ghibli animated film ‘My Neighbor Totoro’. The shrimp burger is accompanied by disc-shaped fries made to resemble the adorable soot sprites from 'Spirited Away,' an animated film from Studio Ghibli as well. The burger is made with a light brioche bun topped with lettuce, tomato, mozzarella cheese, avocado, Kewpie mayo, Sriracha, and a hefty shrimp patty. These treats hit the mark when it comes to nostalgia and aesthetics, and we’re sure they taste scrumptious.#myneighbortotoro #totoro #spiritedaway #hayaomiyazaki #studioghibli #burgers #shrimpburger #fries #food #anime #japanImage: @petrichoro