Brand Logos Turned Into Medieval IllustrationsHave you ever wondered how modern brands of today would market their wares and services to people in medieval times?Well, we think that part of their strategy would be making sure that travelers and potential customers will be able to distinguish their stores in the middle of similarly shaped and designed structures. After all, we really shouldn’t expect the signature designs, such as the big “M” logo in front of a McDonald’s during this older era. Artist Ilya Stallone shows the logo of what today’s companies, such as McDonald's, Twitter, and Amazon would look like during the medieval period. He reimagines these well-known symbols that can easily be placed in the Middle Ages manuscripts. Additionally, he also adapted the aesthetics of that period, which was to lean into a more macabre sense of humor. Check out more of his illustrations here!​image credit: Ilya Stallone via My Modern Met#images #illustrations #logos #brands #McDonalds #Facebook #RalphLauren #art #IlyaStallone 
McDonald's I'm Lovin' It Jingle "Sung" in Sign LanguageOne of McDonald's missions is to promote diversity within its restaurants and beyond. So far, it has been doing an excellent job establishing this mission by bringing families and friends of different cultures together through its food. To further this campaign, McDonald's has partnered with the amazing Finnish rapper Marko Vouriheimo, also known as Signmark. Together they are raising awareness about deafness. They created campaign material wherein Signmark, who is deaf, performs the song using sign language. The catchy and visually beautiful tune is being promoted across TV and online platforms. The song is entitled, "Togetherness starts with understanding", and promotes inclusivity. Paparapapa, we are definitely lovin' it!Video credit: @McDonaldsSuomi on YouTube#McDonalds #Deaf #Awareness #SignLanguage
McDonald’s Launching Adult Happy Meals McDonald’s is bringing adult sized happy meals to a store near you. Starting on Monday, October 3, 2022 happy meal fans will be able to purchase a Cactus Plant Flea Market Box. Cactus Plant Flea Market is a popular fashion label known for its streetwear and its mascot Cactus Buddy.The special adult-sized boxed meal collaboration will include either a big mac or 10-piece chicken McNuggets along with fries and a drink. The meal box is designed to resemble a child’s happy meal box, but in a different color palette. The colors are more in line with that of Cactus Plant Flea Market. Of course a toy will be included in the Cactus Plant Flea Market box.  It wouldn’t be a happy meal without a toy.  The toys available will be a redesigned take on the iconic McDonald’s characters of Grimace, Hamburglar, and Birdie. A Cactus Buddy figurine will also be in the rotation.     (Image credit: CNN)#mcdonalds
Airline Passenger is Fined $1,874 For Failing to Declare McDonald's BreakfastHave you ever thought that McDonald's famous McMuffins can be a reason for trouble? This passenger surely did not.A plane passenger from Indonesia to Australia was forced to pay a fine of $1,874 because of the two undeclared egg and beef sausage McMuffins and a ham croissant that were uncovered in their luggage. This incident happened days after the Australian authorities became stricter with their biosecurity rules to control the spread of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD). Apparently, there had been an outbreak of the disease in Indonesia. The disease was found to be carried by live animals, in meat and dairy products, on clothing, footwear, or luggage. This means that this McMuffin was considered to be a risk product, especially since it was undeclared. One might find the fine outrageous because it is twice the cost of airfare to Bali, but authorities likely think the cost of potentially spreading FMD is greater. Image credit: CNN Travel#McMuffins #Australia #FootAndMouthDisease #Indonesia #McDonalds #Travel
McDonald's USA Announces Szechuan Sauce DropMcDonald’s fans are in for a treat… for the exclusive Szechuan Sauce is coming back! Customers will get a pack of the sauce for free with every McNuggets purchase, or they can also purchase up to five a la carte. The iconic Szechuan Sauce has a savory and slightly sweet taste profile with hints of soy, garlic, ginger and mild vinegar notes. It will be available for a limited time starting from March 31, while supplies last.McDonald’s has been known to release seasonal products that have fans clamoring in anticipation. Just last year, the McDonald’s BTS meal triggered frenzy for days in McDonald’s outlets all over the world. This Szechuan Sauce only returned three other times in the past 24 years, so fans better grab their chances ASAP!#McDonalds #SzechuanSauce #McNugget #fastfood
Minnesota Teen Sydney Raley Climbed Out a Drive-Thru Window and Saved a Customer Who was Choking on a McDonald's Chicken NuggetSydney Raley, a 15-year-old teenager from Minnesota, has proven that the youth is capable of heroism. Sydney had been working at McDonald's in Eden Prairie for around seven months when an unfortunate event happened. After giving a customer some of her order via the drive-thru window, Sydney popped back out of the window and told her that the remaining order was on the way. Suddenly, the teenage McDonald's employee noticed that the customer was choking on a chicken nugget. According to Sydney, the customer was coughing like crazy and gagging, and that the customer's daughter was freaking out which confirmed her assumption that she was choking. Sydney quickly told her manager and the customer's daughter to call 911, and then jumped through the window to help the woman. Sydney's experience in Red Cross babysitter class at the age of 11 came in very handy as she knew what to do. After a couple of tries, however, she realized she needed the help of a bystander to assist her with the maneuver. After getting some help, they were able to remove the stuck food from the woman's throat. Sydney got a lot of praises from the woman as well as a monetary reward from the police department for this good deed.#McDonalds #GodDeed #Hero #Heroism Image credit: CNN US
Happy 50th Birthday McDonald's Egg McMuffinIn celebration of the iconic McDonald’s breakfast item turning 50 years old, the fast-food chain will sell the Egg McMuffin for 63 cents, which was its original price. The discount is available from 6 am to 10:30 am, so if you’re aiming for a cheaper Egg McMuffin, make sure to stroll to a nearby McDonald’s during those hours!According to McDonald's senior director of brand communications Molly McKenna, "the Egg McMuffin, the first-ever quick service restaurant breakfast sandwich, joined the McDonald's menu in 1971 in Santa Barbara, California, and customers have been getting creative with it ever since." In addition to the discount, McDonald’s is also sharing popular ‘fan hacks’ of the sandwich, such as the 'Sweet Chicken Sammie,' an Egg McMuffin with a McChicken Biscuit and syrup. These ‘hacks’ encourage buyers to customize their Egg McMuffin for more goodness. Image credit: Justine Sullivan via CNN #McDonalds #EggMcMuffin #Breakfast #Food #FastFood 
Digital Artist Jan Koudela Reimagined McDonald's Happy Meal Boxes and Toys as Iconic 80s MoviesKids love getting a McDonald’s Happy Meal! There’s always a thrill in getting a toy with a meal, after all. The company launched this particular product in 1979 with the Star Trek Happy Meal.The themed toy-and-box set meal has featured aspects of pop culture since its initial release in the US. Even though different Happy Meal themes have been released, other iconic films and characters remain to be seen. TheToyZone collaborated with digital artist Jan Koudela to reimagine iconic characters and movies from the ‘80s into hypothetical Happy Meals.The artist featured films such as The Breakfast Club and The Shining. In addition, classic animated characters such as the adorable fluffy companion Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro were chosen as themes for the hypothetical Happy Meals.Image credit: Jan Koudela #McDonalds #HappyMeal #Reimagined #TheToyZone #JanKoudela #DigitalArt #TheShining #MyNeighborTotoro #TheBreakfastClub