Brand Logos Turned Into Medieval Illustrations

Have you ever wondered how modern brands of today would market their wares and services to people in medieval times? 

Well, we think that part of their strategy would be making sure that travelers and potential customers will be able to distinguish their stores in the middle of similarly shaped and designed structures. 

After all, we really shouldn’t expect the signature designs, such as the big “M” logo in front of a McDonald’s during this older era. 

Artist Ilya Stallone shows the logo of what today’s companies, such as McDonald's, Twitter, and Amazon would look like during the medieval period. He reimagines these well-known symbols that can easily be placed in the Middle Ages manuscripts. 

Additionally, he also adapted the aesthetics of that period, which was to lean into a more macabre sense of humor. 

Check out more of his illustrations here!

image credit: Ilya Stallone via My Modern Met

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