Yelp Lists the Top 100 Taco Places in USCraving a good taco? Well, there are a lot of establishments that sell this popular Mexican delicacy, and the choices can be overwhelming.Hell, tacos even exist in different varieties and flavors, so you might need to brush up on your research skills before randomly picking a restaurant and ordering some tacos. Fortunately enough, Yelp has listed their picks for the top 100 places in the US where you can get some good quality tacos. This was created in honor of National Taco Day as well! The list covers the popular taco spots based on ratings and reviews – so expect to see restaurants, taco trucks, taquerias, and cantinas, as well as places that you might never have seen before. Yelp has listed Ed Fernandez Restaurant Birrieria’s beef birria tacos as the top dish in the entire country. Located in San Diego, you can grab a bite of their delicious food if you’re near the place. If you’re looking for a seafood option, Taco Nezo’s Ensenada-style fish tacos might be your drift! Image credit: Ed Fernandez Restaurant Birrieria via Yelp #food #tacos #Yelp #restaurants #Mexican #reviews 
Salt & Straw's Limited Edition Chocolate Tacolates Sold Out in a Matter of MinutesPeople are craving this unique treat. It might be difficult to grab even a piece of this right now!Salt & Straw, an ice cream manufacturer created the Chocolate Tacolates and released them on October 4th for National Taco Day. People ate the product right up, as it quickly filled the empty space with the departure of the Choco Taco, another classic dessert created by a different company. Creating the Tacolate takes four days, according to Salt & Straw. This means that in order to release an entire stock to the market, the company has to make all of it in advance. But once they all sold out, it would take them longer to restock again. If you got your hands on some of these treats, then we recommend savoring them slowly, as the company might take a long time to restock these treats again. Image credit: Salt&Straw #food #desserts #treats #ChocoTaco #chocolate #chocolatetacolates #SaltandStraw #production 
Golden Girls-Themed Pop Up Restaurant in Los AngelesIf you were born in the 80s, you probably have heard of or even watched The Golden Girls, a sitcom about four older women (Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia) sharing a home in Miami Beach, Florida. As with many sitcoms, the show is full of memorable scenes and iconic running gags, like the women's love for cheesecake.A few months ago, the online events company Bucket Listers organized a pop-up restaurant in Beverly Hills, California. The pop-up is called The Golden Girls Kitchen, which, as you might expect, is based on the popular sitcom. It has been thirty years since the final episode of The Golden Girls (which aired in May 1992). Still, the sitcom is remembered and beloved by its fans. Before the pop-up restaurant opened on July 30, the first month of reservations was already sold out! That's how popular the sitcom is.What does the pop-up offer, you ask? Lots! Inside the eatery is a replica of the women's kitchen, and behind it is Blanche's bedroom. The pop-up is also full of easter eggs that you are sure to notice if you watched the show. Of course, it can't be called an eatery without food, and The Golden Girls Kitchen offers lasagna and various flavors of cheesecake.The pop-up restaurant, however, will only have reservations through late October.(Images: AP Photo/ Chris Pizzello)#Sitcom #TheGoldenGirls #BettyWhite #PopUp #Food
Creating Food for Science Fiction ShowsBreaking bread together is a big part of life, and it is naturally incorporated into movies and TV shows. That can get complicated in science fiction. Aliens and people in the future don't eat the same foods we do, but actors do. Food stylist Janice Poon has catered onscreen banquets for many sci-fi movies and TV series you've seen, and has a lot of things to consider before she cooks. The image above is of a "human arm ham" platter Poon created for the TV series Hannibal. Science fiction food sometimes has a set of requirements in place ahead of time, and other times comes with no instructions at all. The food must be believable in the fictional world, completely edible, and palatable to the actors. It also must look good on camera. Then there are the special requirements unique to the production. Does the eater wear prosthetic hands? Will the food interfere with alien makeup? Can the food be chewed before the actor's next line is said? Poon tells us about what goes into science fiction food in an podcast text excerpt at Eater. You can also listen to the entire podcast at Gastropod. See more of Janice Poon's creations at Instagram. -via Nag on the Lake​(Image credit: Janice Poon)#food #sciencefiction #moviefood #TVfood #foodstylist
Barrio Dona's in San Diego is Said to Have the Best Horchata in All of CaliforniaCalifornia is a huge state. It’s no wonder that several cities in California are known worldwide for their food. For instance, Los Angeles is known for In-N-Out Burger while San Francisco is known for its clam chowder. Now, according to Yelp, San Diego can add the best horchata to the list.Horchata, a traditional drink that is made from rice, vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar was found to be the best in San Diego. Yelp looked into various factors, like the volume of reviews and overall ratings of the businesses. After analyzing the high concentration of horchata reviews, Yelp finally decided that San Diego had the best. Specifically, Barrio Donas has the best horchata of all the horchata places in California. The best part, this restaurant is open seven days a week which makes it accessible to more people. Who’s dreaming of a trip to sunny San Diego and craving horchata now?Image credit: Janet Martinez#Horchata #SanDiego #Food #Drink #BarrioDonas #California
The Symbolism of Food in MoviesFood may seem like just a slice of life in movies, but more often than not it's symbolic, although that symbolism could be so subtle that you don't even see it. When a certain food is used over and over, cinephiles notice it and carry that idea on from movie to movie. Here, Du Cinema looks at the symbolism of oranges, apples, and other particular foods, as well as full meals and what they mean. It's often a foreshadowing of violence, but that depends on the director. The title of this video is about villains drinking milk, which happens more than you ever noticed, but it isn't addressed until almost eight minutes in. The video contains NSFW language. If you want to skip the embedded ad, start at 1:40. -via Digg#filmmaking #food #symbolism #milk
Ritz x Oreo: Ritz Crackers and Oreo Cookies Collab to Create the Ultimate SnackSweet + Salty = Goodness.This must have been the formula that Mondelez International, a corporate umbrella, used when they formulated their new product. The new and probably the best collab of the year: Oreo Cookies and Ritz Crackers. Imagine this: half of the Ritz peanut butter sandwich and half of the Oreo creme sandwich are both sandwiched together to form your next favorite snack. Mouth-watering, isn't it?Some might ask, "Is it a cookie or a snack?" but if I may suggest, you don't really have to think about it. Let your taste buds do the work! What are we waiting for? Who’s with me in trying out this very limited-edition combo at OREO.com/RITZ.Image credit: Mondelez #Oreo #Ritz #Food #LimitedEdition #Mondelez
5 Kids Create 5 New Flavors For Salt and Straw Ice CreamSalt & Straw continues to demonstrate that not only listen to kids as customers, but they also aren’t afraid to draw inspiration and learn from them.Tyler Malek, the founder of Salt & Straw, recently held a  meeting with his "Board of Flavor Executives." This extra-special board was composed of the children who conceptualized the company's five new ice cream flavors. These creative kids were the winners of a  story contest about the wildest ice cream flavors they could ever think of. One of the kids, Rae, named his flavor, "Bottomless Limes. " Bottomless Limes is a Key Lime Pie ice cream sprinkled with chocolate bark and real pie crust. Asher, on the other hand, invented "The Adventurous Llamanaut." The Adventurous Llamanaut is a cherry-flavored ice cream mixed with pink and blue marshmallows. Whereas, Charlotte's "Rosie the Pink Flamingo" literally screams pink as it is made out of strawberry ice cream, pink gummy bears, and pink sprinkles. Cooper's creation was a take on mango-pineapple jelly and citrus mousse with raspberry sherbet and is called. This flavor was named "Triple Tropic Twist." Last but not the least, there was Bridget's "The Ice Cream of Moo. " The Ice Cream of Moo is a classic flavor with a twist: chocolate ice cream with a touch of salt, caramel, cashews, and cherry-laced chocolate ganache.Video credit: KGW News​#Salt&Straw #IceCream #Food #Kids #Children #Dessert​
The Ganachery at Walt Disney World Resort is Making a Special Boozy Chocolate Bunny for EasterA new treat called “Boozy Bunny” was made available at The Ganachery at Walt Disney World Resort just in time for Easter!Boozy Bunny is drink-and-snack-in-one. It is made by putting chocolate in half of a bunny mold. Then, the edges are melted to make sure that the two halves will smoothly stick together. Once the whole bunny-shaped chocolate is completed, a hole is made at the back. The hole is used to fill it with a drink and also becomes a place to insert the straw. Just like all other Disney treats, this surely looks just as amazing as it tastes. This hop-tastic Easter treat is available to try from April 1st  to April 17, 2022. ​Image credit: @disneyparks on TikTok#Disney #Food #Chocolate #WaltDisneyWorldResort #TheGanachery
Bottega Louie in California is Yelp's Most Reviewed US EateryBottega Louie, located in Los Angeles, California is a restaurant and patisserie that earned the most reviews in Yelp. For those unaware, Yelp is a platform that publishes crowd-sourced reviews about businesses.The establishment tops the “top reviewed places to eat in the U.S.” in Yelp’s restaurant and food category, with 17,020 reviews (and counting). For reference, the other restaurants included had more than 6,000 reviews only. So what makes Bottega Louie so popular? While the restaurant specializes in different Italian dishes, along with a wonderful brunch selection, the most popular items they sell are their macarons. Image credit: Bottega Louie#BottegaLouie #Yelp #reviews #restaurants #patisserie #food
The Real Man Behind Chef Boyardee​Ettore Boiardi began cooking as a child, and was only 11 years old when he started his first job at a restaurant. He left his native Italy and moved to New York at age 16. Boiardi joined his brother working at the Plaza Hotel where he worked his way up to head chef by age 17! In 1926, while still in his 20s, Boiardi opened his first restaurant. His spaghetti sauce was so popular that he put it in milk bottles to send home with his customers. From there, it was a short jump to selling his sauce canned in grocery stores. By then he had simplified his name to Hector Boyardee so Americans could easily pronounce it, and he marketed his sauce under the name Chef Boy-Ar-Dee. Boiardi hit the big time with his spaghetti kit, consisting of a can of sauce, uncooked pasta, and a small container of parmesan cheese. The line of goods later grew with pizza kits and canned pasta. He opened a factory in Milton, Pennsylvania, in 1938 because it was a good area to grow tomatoes. Local farmers also grew mushrooms for Boiardi, and he became the USA's biggest importer of olive oil and parmesan cheese. When World War II came, he expanded his operations to provide rations for American GIs. Then after the war, a few bad investments and Boiardi's reluctance to lay off his war workers led him to sell the company. He stayed on as an advertising spokesman for two more decades, however. If it's hard to reconcile the image of an acclaimed chef with the sugary canned pasta in stores today, you aren't the only one with that opinion. Bioardi's descendants aren't too keen to claim the products as they are today. The company is now owned by ConAgra. -via Cracked​#food #brand #pizza #spaghetti #ChefBoyardee
Piestro the Robotic Pizza Vending Machine that Makes Pizza from ScratchA freshly made pizza from a vending machine sounds too good to be true! Well, soon enough we might just be able to buy a pizza from one. El Segundo-based Piestro is now developing a one-of-a-kind pizza-making machine that will be sold to other companies.Piestro claims that their machine can create a pizza from scratch in about three minutes. Customers can watch the machine working on their orders through a giant window, where it utilizes its robotic arms to create and finish a pizza. The system’s premise and functionality seem to have taken the hearts of potential buyers, as the $100,000-machine already has 5,000 pre-orders. Image credit: Rich DeMuro gif via KTLA #pizza #Piestro #pizzavendingmachine #technology #food #vendingmachine
Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is Launching a Special New Menu to Celebrate Their 50th AnniversaryThe 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort has been titled by the company, "The World's Most Magical Celebration," and everyone knows that food is always a big part of any magical celebration. With this, Walt Disney World Resort is launching new food and drink selections with "Nods to the Past" and "EARidescent shimmer" highlighting nostalgic dishes from the 1970s.With the help of the chefs' magical kitchen skills, dishes were reimagined to incorporate the concepts of the opening-day attractions. One of the foods that Disney fans should look forward to is "The Toad Burger" which can be found at Friar's Nook in the Magic Kingdom Park. This burger is inspired by the whimsical brat burger and has a pickle slice to represent the toad's tongue and olives to represent the toad's eyes.
The World Loses its "Queen of Cakes," Famed Baker Sylvia Weinstock Dies at the age of 91The food industry has lost one of its legendary figures recently. Luxury wedding cake designer Slyvia Weinstock has passed away on November 22, 2021, at the age of 91. Her family announced her passing last Wednesday, but they kept their silence about the cause of her death.Known as the "Queen of Cakes" for her elegant cake designs, Weinstock has created edible masterpieces for many figures such as Jennifer Gates (the daughter of Bill Gates), Oprah, Billy Joel, and Mariah Carey.For Weinstock, the cake was more than food. As it is the last thing that the wedding guests would eat, the cake should be something special and memorable.Want to know more about Weinstock's life? Check out People's article dedicated to her.(Image Credit: Sylvia Weinstock/ Instagram)#WeddingCake #CakeDesign #Food
Ocean Spray Purposely Labels its Cranberry Sauce Cans Upside DownHere’s a fun bit of trivia for your next party or get-together with friends: Ocean Spray, the producer of the holiday staple cranberry sauce, intentionally prints their labels upside down. As to why the ‘misprint’ happens: the company revealed that it’s so buyers can store the cans with the side they open facing down on the shelf.Applying the label upside down means consumers can actually store the product properly! The proper, and recommended, method for storing cranberry sauce is to flip the can and put it on the shelf. The company advises that if customers aren’t storing their cans this way, it’s time to correct their methods for a better quality of cranberry sauce this holiday season! Image credit: CNN via Katu #Thanksgiving #OceanSpray #cranberrysauce #food #holidays
IHOP Launches New Holiday Menu That Includes Winter Wonderland Pancakes With Shimmering Blue Vanilla Swirl and MarshmallowsIHOP is already set for the holidays with their new holiday menu!IHOP is a very well known pancake house restaurant chain. They are known for their visually pleasing and appetizing pancakes, milkshakes, and a lot more that anyone from all ages will enjoy. Their twitter account also proves their fame with over 350,000 followers!As the holiday season is almost near, they have released their new set of holiday menus!One of the foods on the menu is the Winter Wonderland Pancakes.“Four fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with a shimmering blue vanilla swirl, mini marshmallows & a dusting of powdered sugar snow.”​Image Credit: IHOP Pancake House​
Happy 50th Birthday McDonald's Egg McMuffinIn celebration of the iconic McDonald’s breakfast item turning 50 years old, the fast-food chain will sell the Egg McMuffin for 63 cents, which was its original price. The discount is available from 6 am to 10:30 am, so if you’re aiming for a cheaper Egg McMuffin, make sure to stroll to a nearby McDonald’s during those hours!According to McDonald's senior director of brand communications Molly McKenna, "the Egg McMuffin, the first-ever quick service restaurant breakfast sandwich, joined the McDonald's menu in 1971 in Santa Barbara, California, and customers have been getting creative with it ever since." In addition to the discount, McDonald’s is also sharing popular ‘fan hacks’ of the sandwich, such as the 'Sweet Chicken Sammie,' an Egg McMuffin with a McChicken Biscuit and syrup. These ‘hacks’ encourage buyers to customize their Egg McMuffin for more goodness. Image credit: Justine Sullivan via CNN #McDonalds #EggMcMuffin #Breakfast #Food #FastFood 
Pikachu Egg by petrichoro is Too Cute to Eat!That egg is too cute and detailed for me to eat. Also, the entire meal just looks scrumptious!Instagram user petrichoro shared this delectable and cute meal she made that left people wondering how she pulled it off. The photo featured a delicious-looking kimchi pork stir fry and a Pikachu egg. According to the Instagram post, she decided to upgrade her lunch with a unique fried egg. How did she shape the egg yolk into a Pikachu? Now that’s something I would love to know!Image credit: petrichoro on Instagram #Pikachu #Pokemon #Food #petrichoro #coolfoodassembly 
The Cutest Totoro Shrimp Burger With Matching Soot Sprite FriesInstagram user @petrichoro posted her version of a shrimp burger inspired by the internationally acclaimed 1988 Studio Ghibli animated film ‘My Neighbor Totoro’. The shrimp burger is accompanied by disc-shaped fries made to resemble the adorable soot sprites from 'Spirited Away,' an animated film from Studio Ghibli as well. The burger is made with a light brioche bun topped with lettuce, tomato, mozzarella cheese, avocado, Kewpie mayo, Sriracha, and a hefty shrimp patty. These treats hit the mark when it comes to nostalgia and aesthetics, and we’re sure they taste scrumptious.#myneighbortotoro #totoro #spiritedaway #hayaomiyazaki #studioghibli #burgers #shrimpburger #fries #food #anime #japanImage: @petrichoro