Barrio Dona's in San Diego is Said to Have the Best Horchata in All of California

California is a huge state. It’s no wonder that several cities in California are known worldwide for their food. For instance, Los Angeles is known for In-N-Out Burger while San Francisco is known for its clam chowder. Now, according to Yelp, San Diego can add the best horchata to the list. 

Horchata, a traditional drink that is made from rice, vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar was found to be the best in San Diego. Yelp looked into various factors, like the volume of reviews and overall ratings of the businesses. After analyzing the high concentration of horchata reviews, Yelp finally decided that San Diego had the best. Specifically, Barrio Donas has the best horchata of all the horchata places in California. The best part, this restaurant is open seven days a week which makes it accessible to more people. 

Who’s dreaming of a trip to sunny San Diego and craving horchata now?

Image credit: Janet Martinez

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