Creating Food for Science Fiction Shows

Breaking bread together is a big part of life, and it is naturally incorporated into movies and TV shows. That can get complicated in science fiction. Aliens and people in the future don't eat the same foods we do, but actors do. Food stylist Janice Poon has catered onscreen banquets for many sci-fi movies and TV series you've seen, and has a lot of things to consider before she cooks. The image above is of a "human arm ham" platter Poon created for the TV series Hannibal.

Science fiction food sometimes has a set of requirements in place ahead of time, and other times comes with no instructions at all. The food must be believable in the fictional world, completely edible, and palatable to the actors. It also must look good on camera. Then there are the special requirements unique to the production. Does the eater wear prosthetic hands? Will the food interfere with alien makeup? Can the food be chewed before the actor's next line is said? Poon tells us about what goes into science fiction food in an podcast text excerpt at Eater. You can also listen to the entire podcast at Gastropod. See more of Janice Poon's creations at Instagram. -via Nag on the Lake ā€‹

(Image credit: Janice Poon)

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