Akira Fan Builds Kaneda's Motorcycle

Ever since its debut in 1982, Akira has earned the reputation as one of the most iconic manga titles ever published. When the anime movie was released in 1988, Akira sealed its status as a global phenomenon whose influence is still felt to this day. 

Recently, an Akira fan and motorcycle enthusiast named Ayato made waves when he showed off his custom-built Akira motorcycle replica. Ayato, who goes by the name Teruteru Boizo on Youtube, took an old junk bike and reassembled it to look like Kaneda’s iconic red bike in the comic. On his Youtube channel, Ayato displayed how he added LED lighting to its wheels, recreating the futuristic glow of the bike. Though the replica still lacks the motorcycle's distinct red paint and corporate branding, it already impressively recreates the cyberpunk look of the motorcycle that has enchanted generations of fans.

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