George Clooney's Batsuit Up for Auction

While many critics consider the 1997 film Batman and Robin to be the worst of the Batman films, it will always be notable for the costume that George Clooney wore as the Caped Crusader. The suit actually had nipples. No one is all that sure why, but it's the only thing that people remember and continue to discuss about the movie. And that suit can now be yours.

It's part of an auction of Hollywood props, costumes, and memorabilia from Heritage Auctions to be held July 23-24. The listing for the Batsuit has a description that may explain why the opening bid is $40,000.

George Clooney "Batman" Screen Worn Costume Display from Batman & Robin (Warner Bros., 1997). Original screen worn superhero costume display constructed of cast foam latex, vinyl, resin components, leather, and other mixed media elements. All expertly painted, finished, and assembled on a life-size poseable mannequin with hyper-realistic George Clooney head with prosthetic grade false eyes. Costume pieces include hero signature cowl, full length superhero cape with 2-cape clips, muscle tunic with signature "Batman" icon on the chest, muscled tights, peaked and finned gauntlet gloves, and knee-high character boots. The cowl and cape are both marked "GC" for George Clooney and originally came from the Warner Bros. Archives.

The auction will also offer the Joker costume worn by Jack Nicholson in the 1989 Batman, a Xenomorph costume from Alien vs. Predator, and there's some Star Wars stuff for sale, too.

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