The 84-year Journey of Dorothy's DressWhen The Wizard of Oz was filmed in 1938, Judy Garland wore several blue-and-white gingham dresses in her role as Dorothy Gale. Four of them are know to exist. One particular dress that she wore during the scene in which Dorothy confronts the Wicked Witch of the West went missing for fifty years! The dress, along with the white blouse that goes with it, was on the verge of being thrown out during a clean out at Catholic University of America when it was rescued, but then sat for several more months before anyone checked it out. The university sent the dress to Bonhams to go up for auction. There, director of popular culture Helen Hall went to work to authenticate the dress. She studied the dress inch by inch and watched the movie frame by frame, and concluded that it was authentic. But as soon as the dress was announced to be included in the May 24th auction, a lawsuit popped up to stop it. This dress is now in limbo until the case is settled, but it might fetch between $800,000 and $1.2 million. Read the story of the dress and its pending sale at Atlas Obscura.#TheWizardofOz #moviememorabilia #dress #costume #auction #Dorothy
Portland Pickles Relish the Good News That Their Mascot Dillon T. Pickle has Been FoundPortland Pickles fans can breathe a sigh of relief, for Dillon T. Pickles is at last coming home!The beloved mascot went missing when it was misplaced during a recent flight. The airline did return the mascot to the baseball team’s office; the package was dropped off at their premises after business hours. This was how the mascot got snatched out from their front porch.Search for Dillon was immediately underway. Sports team mascots all over the country also joined up in posting to get the word out. Finally, the Pickles announced on Thursday that Dillon had been found on a TriMet bus and dropped off at a Voodoo Doughnut in Southeast Portland. Thankfully, he was alive and well, despite a few bruises.#PortlandPickles #pickle #mascot #costume #baseball #Portland
A Uniquely Amazing General Grievous CostumeThis is not a robot. This is a man in a General Grievous costume, a notoriously difficult character for cosplay, designed by Wicked Armor. It's easily a foot taller than the person inside. You almost expect him to pull out multiple lightsabers and start spinning them! Can you figure out how it works? The wearer is completely concealed within the cape lining. He's wearing a headband that controls the Grievous head. There are more details at the sales page. Yes, you can buy this! But it's priced for serious cosplayers or professionals, and you might have to wait a while because it's not exactly mass-produced. But it could well be worth waiting for, since the design is being upgraded for ever more accuracy. -via Everlasting Blort#StarWars #General Grievous #costume #cosplay