King of the Hill as a Horror Manga​Junji Ito is a Japanese horror manga artist who specializes in body horror. In his comics, innocent human beings are warped into semi-human monsters. The American cartoon King of the Hill is not strictly body horror, but more an existential thriller about the decay of the modern human soul. Aside from his narrow urethra, Hank Hill experiences little of the physical terror that Ito’s characters do.Until now.Woodrow White, who is an artist for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, drew Hank exploring an Arlen, Texas that has been subjectedto Ito’s morbid horrors.-via Kotaku#KingOfTheHill #JunjiIto #manga #mashups #horror
Akira Fan Builds Kaneda's MotorcycleEver since its debut in 1982, Akira has earned the reputation as one of the most iconic manga titles ever published. When the anime movie was released in 1988, Akira sealed its status as a global phenomenon whose influence is still felt to this day.Recently, an Akira fan and motorcycle enthusiast named Ayato made waves when he showed off his custom-built Akira motorcycle replica. Ayato, who goes by the name Teruteru Boizo on Youtube, took an old junk bike and reassembled it to look like Kaneda’s iconic red bike in the comic. On his Youtube channel, Ayato displayed how he added LED lighting to its wheels, recreating the futuristic glow of the bike. Though the replica still lacks the motorcycle's distinct red paint and corporate branding, it already impressively recreates the cyberpunk look of the motorcycle that has enchanted generations of fans.#Akira #anime #manga #Kaneda #motorcycle #Ayato #cyberpunk #TeruteruBoizo #replica
Anime-Themed Ice Cream Parlor Opens in CaliforniaTsun Scoops likes their ice cream, but doesn’t care if you do.(That’s an anime inside joke. I’ll explain: a tsundere is a stock character who is in love with the main character, but acts like s/he hates the main character.)Okay, with that explained: Tsun Scoops is an anime-themed ice cream shop in Garden Grove, California. It currently offers 14 flavors, all of which are subtle anime references. Bubble Gambatte, for example, is taken from the classic anime Bubblegum Crisis. How did this ice cream parlor get started? You can read its origin story in manga form.-via Food with Bros#anime #manga #icecream