Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra Wins Eurovision 2022To the surprise of absolutely no one, Ukraine has won Eurovision 2022. The prize goes to Kalush Orchestra for their song "Stefania." The six-man hip-hop group garnered 631 points, including a record 439 votes from the public. The organizers of Eurovision normally try to avoid politics, but Russia was excluded from this year's competition because of the invasion of Ukraine. The entire finale night of the competition had a a theme of war and peace. And while accepting the prize, Kalush Orchestra frontman Oleg Psiuk asked the global audience of millions to help Ukraine in its hour of need.
Pink Floyd's First New Song in 28 Years is for UkraineAndriy Khlyvnyuk is the singer for the Ukrainian band Бумбокс (BoomBox). They were on tour in the US when Russia invaded, and Khlyvnyuk went back home to join the fight. A video of Khlyvnyuk singing the Ukrainian folk song й у лузі червона калина ("Oh, the Red Viburnum in the Meadow") went viral last month. You may have seen it or the Kiffness remix.Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour was looking for a way to help Ukraine. His daughter-in-law is Ukrainian. He had played with BoomBox in 2015, in better times. But he had considered Pink Floyd to be defunct since the death of keyboardist Rick Wright in 2008. They hadn't released any new music since 1994. However, in the wake of the Russian invasion, Gilmour called up drummer Nick Mason and bassist Guy Pratt. Gilmour tracked down Khlyvnyuk to a hospital, where he was recovering from shrapnel injuries. The band recorded a new song, "Hey Hey Rise Up" using Khlyvnyuk's vocals. You can read the story at The Guardian. You can download the song and help support Ukraine here.  -via Nag on the Lake #PinkFloyd #DavidGilmour #Ukraine
Netflix is Bringing Back Ukraine's President Zelenskyy's "Servant of the People"Here’s a reel-to-real scenario that happens once in a blue moon.Before he was winning the hearts of people the world over, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy won the hearts of Ukrainians from television screens. In a stroke of rare coincidence, Zelenskyy first played the role of a president on a TV show called “Servant of the People”. In it, his character was a school teacher who ascended to presidency after a video of him challenging corrupt authority went viral.Now that all eyes are on him and his fight against Russian aggression, Netflix is receiving tons of demands to bring “Servant of the People” back on the platform. Yes, for a long time the show used to be on the streamer to little fanfare until the license ran out in February. Netflix quickly heeded the call: they just announced that they are putting the award-winning show back on the platform. “Servant of the People” ran for three seasons and had a spin-off movie.#VolodymyrZelenskyy #PresidentZelensky #ServantOfThePeople #Netflix #Ukraine
Volodymyr Zelenskyy in LEGO Raised $145,000 for Ukraine Aid​Citizen Brick is a manufacturer in Chicago that makes custom LEGO pieces. If you need a particular minifig or accessory that the LEGO company doesn't produce, they will go to great lengths to fulfill your desires. Recently, they turned out a new minifig in the image of Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, which sold like wildfire. They also produced LEGO-size Molotov cocktails, the homemade incendiary bottle bombs that Ukrainian citizens are using.
Civilians in the Ukraine Try to Physically Protect Statues and Works of ArtThese Ukrainian civilians under attack from Russian forces are attempting to protect their country’s historical artifacts from damage.In the city of Odessa, workers have piled sandbags around the monument of Duc De Richelieu, an iconic 19th figure of the city. In Lviv, people are covering outdoor statues with plexiglass, canvas and fire-proof paddings. Museum staff in Kharkiv have also moved art pieces to safer places. From afar, UNESCO is aiding this preservation efforts through its “Blue Shield” emblem initiative. Sites with the Blue Shield emblem should be clear from being attacked as part of the 1954 Hague Convention, which protects cultural heritage during armed conflicts. Properties inscribed on the World Heritage list, such as the site of Kyiv: Saint-Sophia Cathedral and Related Monastic Buildings, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, are considered a priority.Let’s just hope the Russian troops are decent enough to honor the agreement.#statue #Ukraine #UkraineWar