Winnie the Pooh: The Horror MovieA.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh entered the public domain this year, which means that making a film adaptation requires no royalties to the author’s estate.The result of this legal change is Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey. Entertainment Weekly reports that this new film imagines a murderous Pooh and Piglet hunting down and slaying humans who stray into the Hundred Acre Wood.The trailer suggests that many years have passed since Christopher Robin abandoned his childhood stuffed animals. Now he is returning with his fiancée. They venture in the Hundred Acre Woods to find that Pooh and Piglet resent his departure and mean to express their rage with blood.-via Aaron Starmer #WinnieThePoor #Horror
King of the Hill as a Horror Manga​Junji Ito is a Japanese horror manga artist who specializes in body horror. In his comics, innocent human beings are warped into semi-human monsters. The American cartoon King of the Hill is not strictly body horror, but more an existential thriller about the decay of the modern human soul. Aside from his narrow urethra, Hank Hill experiences little of the physical terror that Ito’s characters do.Until now.Woodrow White, who is an artist for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, drew Hank exploring an Arlen, Texas that has been subjectedto Ito’s morbid horrors.-via Kotaku#KingOfTheHill #JunjiIto #manga #mashups #horror
The Cat in the Hat Re-Cut as a Horror FilmA bit of re-editing (or a lot), some lighting and color correction, and a completely different soundtrack turns the live-action movie The Cat in the Hat (from 2003, starring Mike Meyers) into a terrifying horror film. And older Gen Z people go, "And...?" because they were terrified of the original version when they were kids. The Cat in the Hat was funny as a drawn cartoon in a book, but creepy as all get out when presented as a man with a prosthetic cat face. This trailer made them laugh as well as remember how scary The Cat in the Hat was in theaters when they were children. It left some kids with nightmares for years! Honestly, the clips didn't have a long way to go from beloved children's book character to horror monster, but the finished product is a work of art. -via Digg​#TheCatintheHat #horror #mashup #edit
The Trailer for the Foo Fighters' Studio 666A couple of months ago, we found out that the Foo Fighters had secretly filmed a full-length horror/comedy movie. That movie, Studio 666, now has a trailer. It's a simple story about the Foos writing and recording their 10th album. In a haunted house.
The Foo Fighters Made a MovieThe Foo Fighters are always up for doing something out in left field, like trolling the Westboro Baptist Church, recording a disco album, or interacting with corporate mascots. So when you hear the band members are all starring in a horror-comedy, all you can say is, "How like them." The upcoming full-length feature film is titled Studio 666. The Foos will play themselves, as they try to record an album in a haunted mansion, which opens the door for supernatural shenanigans, a la Scooby-Doo. Dave Grohl, of course, will save the day... we think. After all, he wrote the story. Yeah, it sounds like something the Beatles would do, and in fact did, with movies like Help! and Magical Mystery Tour. Studio 666 is directed by by horror filmmaker BJ McDonnell, and will land in theaters on February 25.#FooFighters #movie #horror #comedy 
Maine: the Go-to Setting for Horror FilmsWhy is Maine such a scary place? The USA's most northeastern state is famous for lobsters, being the most northeastern state, and horror films. Aha, you say, that's because Stephen King lives in Maine and writes stories set in the state. That no doubt accounts for a lot of horror films set in Maine, but you might be surprised at how many scary movies are set in Maine that have nothing to do with Stephen King. Could it be that King's books have given the state a reputation? Maybe it has to do with success breeding success. Lake Placid (1999) was set in Maine and it got five sequels! And who knew that Collinsport, the town of Dark Shadows (2012), was in Maine? The Bangor Daily News has a list of ten horror movies set in Maine that are not based on Stephen King stories. Some of them were even popular. -via Fark ​#Maine #horror #movie
A Preview of This Fall's Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror MoviesLast fall there were hardly any movie theaters open, and as it got cold, even the drive-ins closed. This year, the chaos of pandemic production and release schedules combined to give us an embarrassment of riches. Summer movies got delayed until fall, horror films have two years of productions to rush out, and the release buildup runs them into the late-in-the-year prestige movies looking for awards. If it all sounds confusing, you can consult a list of 43 films at io9, with a synopsis for each and a trailer when available, all arranged in chronological order so you know when a movie will come to a theater near you, or in the case of highly-anticipated streaming movies, a home screen near you. #movie #horror #scifi #fantasy
Shudder Is Teaming Up With Horror Hostess Elvira for Some Seasonally Appropriate ProgrammingHalloween is coming soon, and that means that it's time for Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, to come out of hibernation! This year. Elvira will be found on the the streaming service Shudder, which specializes in horror, thriller, and supernatural movies. Shudder is currently celebrating “61 Days of Halloween”“Shudder Presents: Elvira’s 40th Anniversary Very Scary, Very Special Special” honors the 40th anniversary of the curvaceous horror host’s late-night program Elvira’s Movie Macabre. Similar to that cult-classic series, Shudder’s event will see her lending commentary to a quartet of horror films. Here’s a promo featuring Elvira (the seemingly ageless Cassandra Peterson) herself:
The Beginning of the End: A Tribute to Giant CreaturesJust for a minute, let's forget about hurricanes, wildfires, drought, floods, political unrest, and the global pandemic, and get back to the really scary things in life: mutant insects and other deadly monsters from B-movie creature features!