Maine: the Go-to Setting for Horror Films

Why is Maine such a scary place? The USA's most northeastern state is famous for lobsters, being the most northeastern state, and horror films. Aha, you say, that's because Stephen King lives in Maine and writes stories set in the state. That no doubt accounts for a lot of horror films set in Maine, but you might be surprised at how many scary movies are set in Maine that have nothing to do with Stephen King. Could it be that King's books have given the state a reputation? Maybe it has to do with success breeding success. Lake Placid (1999) was set in Maine and it got five sequels! And who knew that Collinsport, the town of Dark Shadows (2012), was in Maine? The Bangor Daily News has a list of ten horror movies set in Maine that are not based on Stephen King stories. Some of them were even popular.  -via Fark ā€‹

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