YouTuber Jake Laser Built a Real Life Spider-Man Wall Climbing Suit

Popular YouTuber Jake Laser has done a lot of cool projects, but this is definitely one of his most impressive ones yet: inspired by Spider-Man: No Way Home, he built his own Spider-Man climbing suit to scale a skyscraper (well, okay, a tall building).

First, Laser tested various creative ways to climb on walls: he tested adhesive tape, suction cups, electromagnets and other methods that ultimately didn’t work. 

Laser then thought of using a mini vacuum suction pump strapped to his hands and legs to stick and hold his weight. After a few tests and modifications, he successfully climbed up his bedroom wall and onto the ceiling. He’s now ready to climb an actual building just like Spider-Man!

Watch Laser and his crew climb the 14-story Andaz West Hollywood hotel in southern California with nothing but his vacuum suction pumps, spider costume and safety rope and harness in this YouTube clip below.

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