Watch Mark Hamill and Lena Headey Recording Masters of the Universe

If Mark Hamill hadn't played that one character, he'd be famous as a talented and hard-working voiceover artist. He began doing cartoon voiceovers before Star Wars, and has played a string of comic book supervillains for almost 40 years, most notably the Joker in the animated Batman series and its many spinoffs.

Watch Hamill channel Skeletor as he records his voice for Masters of the Universe: Revelation - Part 2. Lena Headey, who you know as Cercei from Game of Thrones, plays his villainous compatriot Evil-Lyn. Kevin Smith supervises.

One session of that would give most of us a sore throat, but Hamill revels in portraying overdramatic evil geniuses. The first five episodes of Masters of the Universe: Revelation was released in July. The five-episode second half of the series is now streaming on Netflix. -via Gizmodo 

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