The Parker Family Returns in A Christmas Story Christmas

The movie A Christmas Story came out in 1983. There have been six sequels, and a seventh is on its way. You know that a popular movie series will eventually include a Christmas story, even one that began as a Christmas story -literally. This one is no different, and is entitled A Christmas Story Christmas

The premise is that Ralphie, played again by Peter Billingsley, who is also executive producer and co-writer, inherits his family home after his father passes. He takes his family there and tries to reproduce the magic of his childhood Christmases. His memory is obviously glossing over all the chaos and shenanigans of the first movie. It is set 30 years after the first film, although the original actors are close to 40 years older.

A Christmas Story Christmas will debut on HBO Max on November 17. -via Digg 

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