The Latest Twitter Phenomenon: Frasier Looking At Video Games

Frasier Crane is a fictional character in the sitcom Cheers, and later the protagonist in the spin-off series Frasier. Oftentimes, when he is stressed, Frasier would look outside the windows of his apartment, which has a beautiful view of Seattle.

When Bobby McGill saw a still image of the fictional character on Twitter, he immediately bookmarked said image.

"Originally I was going to just have him looking at general non-games-related things, but when I started thinking about what he could look at that would be funny/entertaining, all I could think about was video games."

And so he did just that. He made Frasier look at various video games, from Among Us to Stardew Valley.

The Twitter account which McGill dedicated to posting these funny pictures of Frasier is only a few days old, but it already has over 19,000 followers. He thinks that this might be the next to the “Can You Pet The Dog?” phenomenon in the platform.

Frasier now has many things to look at when he’s stressed.

(All Images Credit: Bobby McGill via the Frasier_looking Twitter account)

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