Scenes in the Trailer that Weren't in the Movie

You see a movie trailer, and it gets you excited for the full film. Then a month or maybe six months later, you get to see the movie. If you're impressed, you may even see it more than once. But even people who watch a movie multiple times hardly ever go back to see the trailer again. And by "hardly ever," I mean normal people. Super dedicated fans and entertainment journalists will, and sometimes they uncover the phenomena of scenes that grabbed us in the trailer but were never seen in the finished film. How does that happen?

Common sense would tell us that the trailer, which was produced months ahead of the film release, was aired before the movie editing was complete, and the relevant scene was cut from the finished movie. You'd think that a clip that was impressive enough to make the trailer would be retained, but hard choices have to be made in the final edit. But there's another reason trailers contain scenes you won't see in the movie.

Yes, it has become unnervingly common to shoot extra scenes specifically for the trailer. Producers will tell that they needed something explained that no clip illustrated, or they needed to get the cast all together for publicity purposes, in which a scene can be used for promotional stills or a poster. See fifteen such trailer scenes that you probably forgot to look for in the movie itself at Cracked. 

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