Marvel's Eternals Cast Staring Contest: Who Will Win?

As a video posted by Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube channel on November 2, 2021, the cast of the latest Marvel Studios’ movie “Eternals,” literally faced one of the most “intimidating” and respected actresses in the history of film - the main actress of the movie, Angelina Jolie.

The goal is for the cast to win the “Stare Off” or staring contest against her.

In the video, all of the main cast were introduced and then seated to their respective seats one by one in front of Angelina Jolie.

Some of the actors were obviously intimidated, tried to do their best, but eventually lost the game.

Meanwhile, when it was the actor Kumail Nanjiani's turn, he cheekly said, “I’ve been practicing for months.” But when Angelina showed him her “game face,” he immediately said, “Nope, absolutely not.” That left the actress speechless and was also the highlight of the video.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment (YouTube)

To answer the question, “Who will win?” Since everyone lost, Angelina Jolie stands undefeated.

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment (YouTube)

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