These Ant Man 3 Posters Are Walking Photoshop BlundersWe think we always say “yikes,” a lot when we look at just how much corporations fumble the bag when it comes to marketing and accessibility issues, so we’ll change it up. These posters suck!We apologize to the photoshop users who had to follow strict guidelines when it comes to creating action or superhero movies, because why in the world, do they all look the same? Just a bunch of collages of the faces (or the half-body shots) of actors looking cool, tough, or grim. After that, it’s just a weird cosmic-themed or some strong color or pattern for a background. Not gonna lie, we do need some creativity in these posters. But while that is one of the issues raised in these new Marvel posters, something else is off about them. Creativebloq’s Georgia Coggan noticed that not only are these new posters for Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania were at odds with the old posters, which were in a minimalist design. Aside from that, they were also filled with some blunders, as Coggan wrote very enthusiastically: “Look at Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly. Look at their heads. LOOK AT THEIR HEADS. Who Photoshopped them on, and why are they so big? Why has half of Rudd's face melted? Why is the lighting different on all of them? So many questions, so little time.” She even took the time to notice some odd details as well. “Is there a reason why the stream of water that's running down the page is making The Wasp look as if half her head is missing? And the clunky placement of the characters set against that skyline in the bottom-left corner is less than subtle. “ She pointed out. Image credit: Marvel#AntMan #AntManandTheWasp #sequels #Marvel #movies #posters