A Video Tribute to Lieutenant UhuraNichelle Nichols, who portrayed communications officer Lieutenant Nyota Uhura in the Star Trek universe, died Saturday at age 89. John DiMarco, who has given us so many Star Trek supercuts, put together a tribute to her character with a series of Star Trek clips in chronological order. First there was Star Trek: The Original Series, which ran from 1966 to 1968. Nichols also gave Uhura a voice in Star Trek: The Animated Series in 1973 and '74. Then she reprised the character in six Star Trek feature films between 1979 and 1991, during which Uhura was promoted to lieutenant commander and then full commander. -via Laughing Squid#StarTrek #Uhura #NIchelleNichols #JohnDiMarco #supercut
The Star Trek Catchphrase That Will Never Die"I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer!" In the original iteration of Star Trek, Dr. McCoy always had an objection to being asked to do anything other than standard medical care. By the end of the show's three-year run, it had become his catchphrase, only varying by the occupation -or object- he was not. He's not the only doctor who is not something else. The phrase was resurrected for later Star Trek series: Deep Space Nine, Voyager, First Contact, and Enterprise. The exception was Dr. Beverley Crusher, who never turned down an opportunity to work outside her specialty. By now, you'd think Federation recruiters would specify that medical personnel need to be flexible in their duties. The catchphrase was not limited to doctors, either, although that's what we recall most often, thanks to McCoy. Memory Alpha has a list of instances in which the phrase, or something close to it, was used. It's a long list. -via Laughing Squid#StarTrek #DrMcCoy #Imadoctor #JohnDiMarco