Ranking the Sean Connery Bond FilmsWe've been watching James Bond in film for 60 years now, and earlier this year we saw a flurry of lists marking that anniversary by ranking the six different actors who played agent 007 in 25 movies. Almost every one of those lists ranked Sean Connery at the top. Connery was the first Bond actor, and for many, the only one that counts. Connery has played James Bond in seven films, beginning with the first Bond film, Dr. No, in 1962. Den of Geek ranks them all by quality, but also gives the history of each film and a review to justify the ranking. The result is a lesson in James Bond history that also gives us the urge to watch some of them again. #JamesBond #SeanConnery
All the James Bond Movie Villains, RankedIn 60 years, there have been 25 James Bond films and just as many villains (actually more). Which are the best and the worst? In any ranking of villains, we have to make clear that they are not graded on how evil they are, or how smart they are, or even on how successful they are.What's really important is how entertaining they are while trying to take over the world or just kill agent 007. Therefore, the ranking has to do with how the characters are written, the coolness of their unique concept, and how well the actor inhabits the character. Still, the finished product is all that matters. Den of Geek makes that clear in their ranked list of Bond villains, as no.25 is described as "the most boring pair of villains on either side of the Iron Curtain." Since they are a pair, we need to explain that multiple villains in the same movie get ranked together. So what this is, is a list of the 25 James Bond films ranked by how well the audience enjoyed the bad guys. It's enough to make you want to go out and watch some of those movies all over again. #JamesBond #007 #villain
The James Bond Theme is Based on a Song About a SneezeBritish composer Monty Norman died last month at age 94. He had written songs for a variety of singers and productions, but his most notable composition was the original theme for the James Bond films. Harry Saltzman and Cubby Broccoli commissioned Norman to write a score for their spy movie Dr. No, the first of many Bond films. Norman was having a hard time stirring up inspiration when we recalled a song he had written years earlier for a stage musical based on the novel A House for Mr. Biswas. It was called "Bad Sign, Good Sign," and the first line was “I was born with this unlucky sneeze.” The musical never got off the ground, but Norman liked the song, and the tune had the mysterious ring that a spy movie might need. John Barry rearranged the song before Dr. No premiered, and later claimed that he wrote it, but Norman won two libel suits about those claims. You can hear "Bad Sign, Good Sign" at YouTube, and read how it became the James Bond theme at The New Criterion. -via Strange Company#JamesBond #themesong #MontyNorman
James Bond's Tombstone is in Faroe IslandsJames Bond fans may want to add this to their travel bucket list. The Faroe Islands site where Daniel Craig’s James Bond recently bid his last adieu has now added a special sign to commemorate the film. For those who have watched (who hasn’t?), this is the location where Bond died sacrificing himself to stop Safin’s catastrophic plan. At the location where the goodbye scene was shot, on the cliff of Kalsoy Island, now stood a tombstone for the iconic spy. Also engraved on the stone are the words read by M as No Time to Die draws to an end: ‘The proper function of man is to live, not to exist’.Kalsoy Island is part of the eighteen islands that make up the Faroe Islands nation. The isle has a population of 14, who played host to the 60-strong No Time to Die crews during the film’s production. With the addition of the James Bond tombstone, the island is ready to welcome fans willing to pay their respect to the 007.#JamesBond #FaroeIslands #DanielCraig #KalsoyIsland #NoTimeToDie #tombstone #grave
Couple Bought an Abandoned James Bond Sports Car from a Storage Unit for $100 and Sold it to Elon Musk for $1 MillionIn 1989, a couple from Long Island, New York, joined a blind auction that changed their lives.They paid $100 for an unclaimed storage unit. Inside, buried under an old blanket, was the 1976 Lotus Espirit sports car used in the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. The couple had no idea how valuable their discovery was until truckers informed them via CB radio. Out of the eight cars used in the film, they got the "Wet Nellie." It was the car used for the underwater scene. They decided to restore the vehicle and have it displayed in occasional exhibits. In 2013, the couple decided to put it up for auction, sold for $997,000 to Elon Musk. The car was Musk's inspiration for Tesla's new Cybertruck. Image: Wikimedia Commons​#JamesBond #SportsCar #ElonMusk
Who Should Be the Next James Bond?Six actors have played James Bond, agent 007, in the 60 years of the film franchise. Each new Bond comes with great expectations, acclaim, and disappointment in one way or another. But mostly expectations. So far, they've all brought something a bit different to the MI6 spy with a license to kill, that reflects the era. Daniel Craig is stepping back from the role after five movies in 15 years, the last being No Time to Die, in theaters now. There's no indication that James Bond is retiring, however, but also no indication of how long we will wait for the next movie. There are a bunch of possible future James Bonds with ready-made followings in Hollywood. Men's Health has select ten candidates, all men, all handsome, all experienced actors. Still, each one would give us a different Bond for the post-pandemic world. Take a look at what could be, unless Eon Productions decides to go with an unknown or a rising star who is not yet on our radar. -via Digg ​(Image credit: SteveBancroft) #JamesBond
The Real James Bond is an American OrnithologistWhen we think of James Bond, a handsome-looking guy in a black tuxedo working undercover for a secret intelligence service would probably come into mind. However, the real James Bond is an American ornithologist.Ian Fleming, the British spy novelist, confessed to Rogue Magazine that he stole the author's name from a birding book. He recalled the book while he was thinking of a natural-sounding name for a hero. The book was Birds of the West Indies, published in 1936 after Bond spent a decade exploring the islands of the Caribbean. It was a 460-page field guide that featured 159 black-and-white illustrations. Instead of villains, the Real James Bond catches birds!Image: Free Library of Philadelphia, Rare Book Department/ Jack Holloway#JamesBond #007 #Birds #Ornithologist #IanFleming #birding