An Honest Trailer for The Gray ManNetflix spent $200 million making The Gray Man, an action movie/spy thriller starring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Regé-Jean Page, and a whole lot of other actors you know. It hit theaters just a couple of weeks ago and went to Netflix about a week later. The Gray Man has already has made a profit, but the reviews are not good. The movie has a shockingly poor score on both Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. What happened? Screen Junkies takes a look at The Gray Man to explain its faults in detail in this Honest Trailer.#HonestTrailer #TheGrayMan #RyanGosling
An Honest Trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessThe problem with multiverses and alternate timelines is that anything, including death and disaster, can be undone in the blink of an eye, so that the impact of these events becomes dulled when you hop from one universe to another and back again. When that device is used repeatedly, the audience gets the sense that nothing that happens in a movie really matters. The Marvel Cinematic Universe's 28th film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, hops from one world to another in such a confusing manner that it's easier to give up trying to keep track of the plot and just enjoy the action. Screen Junkies made an attempt to do just that, but got caught up in the overuse of Marvel movie tropes that were repetitively stuffed into this film like sausages in their casings. Well, Marvel uses the tropes over and over again because the audience seems to like them. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the second-highest grossing movie so far in 2022. Your mileage may vary.#DoctorStrange #DoctorStrangeintheMultiverseofMadness #Marvel #HonestTrailer
An Honest Trailer for Obi-Wan KenobiDisney+ just finished airing the miniseries Obi-Wan Kenobi, but if you plan on watching it in its entirety at a later time, you might want to avoid this Honest Trailer. The plot isn't given away, but there are plenty of details you might want to wait for. It's the story of some of the events that occurred in the years that Luke was growing up on Tatooine, when the original Star Wars trilogy painted him as a completely random character who rose to greatness, but the prequels set him up as crucial. Of course, Screen Junkie's mission in the Honest Trailer series is to point out all the bad things about a movie or TV series. In this one, they have plenty of plot holes to point out, which is pretty much par for the course when you are trying to bridge the existing movies in the story. There are also tropes that have been overdone and gaps in logic in a few places. But altogether, I think they liked Obi-Wan Kenobi.#starwars #ObiWanKenobi #HonestTrailer 
An Honest Trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of DumbledoreThe Fantastic Beasts franchise is all prequel to the events of the Harry Potter books and films. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore hit theaters just a couple of months ago, the third of what is expected to be a five-movie series, but that might change. It appears that Harry Potter fans either love this installment or hate it. Screen Junkies spends very little time acknowledging the scandals surrounding this movie (JK Rowling's anti-trans stance, Johnny Depp's absence) in the Honest Trailer, but they really hate that it's so dark and serious, and that the hero Newt Scamander has been relegated to an unnecessary figure that merely ties the other characters together. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore is now available online. #HonestTrailer #FantasticBeastsTheSecretsofDumbledore #FantasticBeasts:
An Honest Trailer for The BatmanAccording to this Honest Trailer, the new film The Batman is specially produced for the audience of 2022. Batman is a Gen Z emo goth who battles an influencer. You can't get any more modern than that! However, if that doesn't bother you, and it shouldn't, you'll most likely enjoy The Batman. Yeah, Screen Junkies finds some things here and there to poke fun at, but you can tell they really liked this movie overall. You'll find the Honest Theme Song they mentioned at Neatorama.#HonestTrailer #Batman #TheBatman
An Honest Trailer for MoonfallMoonfall is not a James Bond film. The name sounds perfect for one, though. It's a bonkers science fiction disaster movie involving the moon's orbit degrading to the point that it causes chaos on earth. So it contains conspiracy theories, space travel, aliens, artificial intelligence gone rogue, multiple unnatural natural disasters, dystopian survival tactics, and heartwarming family stories which involves at least three heroes sacrificing their lives for someone they love. Could they possibly have mashed any more disaster movie tropes in there? In any case, Moonfall was found to be so stupid that it grossed only about a third of its production cost so far. The overly-complicated story is presented in such a dumbed-down way on screen that Screen Junkies delivers this Honest Trailer in shorthand English for your listening pleasure.#HonestTrailer #Moonfall #movie #disasterfilm  
An Honest Trailer for the Jackass MoviesIn the late 1990s, several guys discovered that people love to watch videos of guys hurting themselves in creative ways. They came together and launched Jackass. The TV series Jackass aired on MTV from October 2000 to August 2001, which they regard as three seasons. Censors got involved, so the crew moved to movies, and produced eight of them (so far). I haven't seen any of them because watching guys hurt themselves in creative ways is not my cup of tea, but they've produced six feature films, two documentaries, four spinoff television shows, and a video game. And that doesn't count solo projects by various crew members. If you haven't followed the Jackass gang, this rundown from Screen Junkies will tell you all you need to know. While this Honest Trailer may be technically safe for work, it walks right up to the line and is not something you want your boss or your grandma catching you watching.#HonestTrailer #Jackass 
An Honest Trailer for Spider-Man: No Way HomeSpider-Man: No Way Home is the result of the MCU taking advantage of fan discussions about who the best Spider-Man has been so far, with the three-Spider-Man comic meme acting as the cherry on top. At least that's what this movie's producers can say. We suspect the real story is that they didn't know what to do to guarantee a hit Spider-Man movie after all the movies so far, so they threw everything that worked from the previous dozen or so films into the mix. That includes the Spider-Men from alternate universes, plus the villains from previous movies, and another MCU superhero for comic relief. And you know what? It worked. Spider-Man: No Way Home was the biggest hit of 2021 and is still running in theaters, even though it's also available on home video. But there's still plenty of material for Screen Junkies to poke fun at for an Honest Trailer.#SpiderMan #SpiderManNoWayHome #HonestTrailer
An Honest Trailer for the Book of Boba FettThe opening premise of this Honest Trailer made me laugh. When we try to find out more about a minor Star Wars character, or a major character for that matter, we can only be disappointed. The Book of Boba Fett has wrapped up its first season, and we don't know if there will be another. Reviews from critics and fans are mixed. The series was a spinoff of The Mandalorian, but it seemed like it never really separated itself from the earlier series.
An Honest Trailer for EncantoEncanto is Disney's latest animated feature, a tale of a huge dysfunctional but loving family who live in a magic house. Or a Haunted Mansion, as the case may be. Now that Encanto is available on home video, Screen Junkies takes a stab at deconstructing it. But what can you criticize in a kids' movie about a magical family with a magical house?