How Helicopters Are Used to Film Action MoviesOne thing that is absolutely crucial in making an action movie is movement. Filming with a helicopter give you amazing angles and points of view, plus movement that doesn't interfere with the actual stuff going on in the plot. Getting these shots is anything but simple. Camera pilot and aerial coordinator Fred North has flown around to film war, explosions, car chases, and more. Sometimes his camera-copter is a character in the movie at the same time he shoots it! Otherwise, he has to film while staying out of frame for the ground cameras. So he's just as much a stunt pilot as he is a cameraman. North explains what goes into filmmaking with a helicopter, which is as exciting to see as any movie as far as I'm concerned. I was watching this and waiting for the helicopter to collide with something at any moment, but skill wins out. -via Digg​#filmmaking #helicopter #cinematography #actionmovie
How Tom Cruise Prepared for the Biggest Stunt in Movie HistoryMission Impossible 7 won't be released until May of 2022, but naturally, the Paramount presentation at CinemaCon promoted all their biggest movies on the schedule for the next year. It included details of that big stunt in the seventh Mission Impossible film, in which Cruise rides a motorcycle off a cliff and then parachutes to the ground. Cruise spent an entire year training for this one scene!Over the course of a year, Cruise completed about 500 skydives, which sometimes included 30 in one day, as well as 13,000 motocross jumps on a specially constructed track. All of this was done to make sure Cruise was a complete expert at not just base jumping and parachuting but motocross too. He’d need to be all of those things to pull off the stunt on the day.