The Trailer for the Foo Fighters' Studio 666A couple of months ago, we found out that the Foo Fighters had secretly filmed a full-length horror/comedy movie. That movie, Studio 666, now has a trailer. It's a simple story about the Foos writing and recording their 10th album. In a haunted house.
The Foo Fighters Made a MovieThe Foo Fighters are always up for doing something out in left field, like trolling the Westboro Baptist Church, recording a disco album, or interacting with corporate mascots. So when you hear the band members are all starring in a horror-comedy, all you can say is, "How like them." The upcoming full-length feature film is titled Studio 666. The Foos will play themselves, as they try to record an album in a haunted mansion, which opens the door for supernatural shenanigans, a la Scooby-Doo. Dave Grohl, of course, will save the day... we think. After all, he wrote the story. Yeah, it sounds like something the Beatles would do, and in fact did, with movies like Help! and Magical Mystery Tour. Studio 666 is directed by by horror filmmaker BJ McDonnell, and will land in theaters on February 25.#FooFighters #movie #horror #comedy 
The Foo Fighters Share a Stage with Corporate Kawaii CharactersThere's only one reason a really successful rock band plays a corporate gig, and that's money. The Foo Fighters must have made bank last weekend, but at least it was ridiculous enough to outdo their disco shenanigans. Dreamforce21 was Salesforce's annual corporate convention, where the band found themselves playing during daylight hours for polo-shirted employees on their best behavior. They were accompanied on stage by the corporate mascots: an elephant, an Albert Einstein lookalike, and someone in what looks like a cat costume. Their names are Astro, Einstein, and Ruth. The mascots bounced along with the music as best they could.