An Honest Trailer for ElvisWhen Screen Junkies gives us an Honest Trailer, the expectation is that they'll tear a movie apart and tell us everything that went wrong. However, when critiquing Baz Luhrmann's movie Elvis, they have little to criticize the film for. They poke fun at Baz Luhrmann (for his other films), the casting of Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker (but not his acting), and the story the movie told, because it was beyond bonkers (but it was a true story). They couldn't say one bad thing about Austin Butler's portrayal of Elvis Presley, except that the camera lingered on his pelvis. Really, the movie was a bigger hit than I ever expected, because I thought older people had seen it all before and younger people wouldn't care, but Elvis was quite a hit over the summer. That doesn't mean this Honest Trailer isn't worth a watch, because it is. The movie was bonkers, but that's what was called for when you do a biopic of Elvis. #HonestTrailer #Elvis
The Legacy of Elvis' JumpsuitIf you saw 100 Elvis Presley impersonators ready for a show, the biggest number of them would be wearing Elvis' classic white jumpsuit with bellbottoms, an enormous collar, and a red, gold, and blue eagle. Elvis' performing career spanned more than two decades before his death in 1977, and the white jumpsuit only arose in 1973, but it made such a splash that it is the way we remember him. He first wore the outfit at a concert in Honolulu that was telecast around the world and seen by 1.5 billion people. Fashion was a big part of Elvis' comeback after his movie career faded. He worked with costume designer Bill Belew to maximize his stage presence from visibility to ease of movement, but more than anything, to be impressive and memorable. An exhibition currently open at Graceland in Memphis called "Elvis: Dressed to Rock" features more than 100 of Elvis' stage costumes, with the white jumpsuit front and center. Read a history of Elvis' stage costumes and everyday apparel, and how it still influences fashion at CNN.(Image source: Wikimedia Commons) #Elvis #ElvisPresley #jumpsuit #stagecostume