5 Kids Create 5 New Flavors For Salt and Straw Ice CreamSalt & Straw continues to demonstrate that not only listen to kids as customers, but they also aren’t afraid to draw inspiration and learn from them.Tyler Malek, the founder of Salt & Straw, recently held a  meeting with his "Board of Flavor Executives." This extra-special board was composed of the children who conceptualized the company's five new ice cream flavors. These creative kids were the winners of a  story contest about the wildest ice cream flavors they could ever think of. One of the kids, Rae, named his flavor, "Bottomless Limes. " Bottomless Limes is a Key Lime Pie ice cream sprinkled with chocolate bark and real pie crust. Asher, on the other hand, invented "The Adventurous Llamanaut." The Adventurous Llamanaut is a cherry-flavored ice cream mixed with pink and blue marshmallows. Whereas, Charlotte's "Rosie the Pink Flamingo" literally screams pink as it is made out of strawberry ice cream, pink gummy bears, and pink sprinkles. Cooper's creation was a take on mango-pineapple jelly and citrus mousse with raspberry sherbet and is called. This flavor was named "Triple Tropic Twist." Last but not the least, there was Bridget's "The Ice Cream of Moo. " The Ice Cream of Moo is a classic flavor with a twist: chocolate ice cream with a touch of salt, caramel, cashews, and cherry-laced chocolate ganache.Video credit: KGW News​#Salt&Straw #IceCream #Food #Kids #Children #Dessert​
IHOP Launches New Holiday Menu That Includes Winter Wonderland Pancakes With Shimmering Blue Vanilla Swirl and MarshmallowsIHOP is already set for the holidays with their new holiday menu!IHOP is a very well known pancake house restaurant chain. They are known for their visually pleasing and appetizing pancakes, milkshakes, and a lot more that anyone from all ages will enjoy. Their twitter account also proves their fame with over 350,000 followers!As the holiday season is almost near, they have released their new set of holiday menus!One of the foods on the menu is the Winter Wonderland Pancakes.“Four fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with a shimmering blue vanilla swirl, mini marshmallows & a dusting of powdered sugar snow.”​Image Credit: IHOP Pancake House​