Social Map of The WitcherNetwork mapping is a modern tool that can distill complex interactions of individuals or characters. Researchers can use it to uncover hidden patterns in relationships, hubs, and cliques and display them in a single visual map.Take, for example, the fantasy novel series The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski, which was turned into a series by Netflix.  Data scientist Milán Janosov created the social network map by collecting a list of characters in each book from the Witcher Wiki, a platform that recorded all 690 named characters across all the books and the Netflix show. He then tokenized every book into a list of sentences and labeled each sentence by the name of the characters appearing in that sentence. From the data he collected, Janosov noticed that the resulting network had two major communities, one centered around Ciri and the other around Geralt. In addition to creating the network map, Janosov also compared the novels and the Netflix adaptation through social network analysis. The network and data science researcher used the public API of Google Trends to show the series’ impact in generating public interest.Image credit: Milán Janosov#TheWitcher #research #datascience #networkmapping #socialnetwork #fiction
Data Scientist and Artist Turned Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series Into Digital ArtThis is a surprising collaboration. Definitely welcome, though!Datapolis’ chief data scientist Milan Janosov Ph.D. collaborated with digital artist Flora Borsi to create a paper that merged data science with art. The two analyzed Isaac Asimov’s science fiction book series Foundation and turned the results into a unique digital artwork. The researchers analyzed over 350,000 words to create the artwork. "We found that among the most mentioned keywords there were three different planets. If someone is familiar with Foundation they know very well that it is a journey across the galaxy and also across time, because it is set in the far future. So we started to look at the planets themselves and how their storylines unfold," Janosov explained. Image credit: Janosov and Borsi.#DataScience #IsaacAsimov #MilanJanosov #FloraBorsi #DigitalArt #Foundation