You Can Spend the Night at the Villa from White Lotus

Season 2 of the HBO series White Lotus features a side trip by some of the main characters to a luxurious rental villa in the Sicilian town of Noto. That villa is real, although it’s actually in Palermo. You can rent it on Airbnb if you’d like to re-enact the White Lotus experience (which I cannot recommend as a general practice).

Architectural Digest has photos that will be familiar to fans of the series. The house is named Villa Tasca. This Sixteenth Century manor sits on 8 hectares of sculpted gardens with a citrus emphasis. It has, over time, hosted Jackie Kennedy, Otto von Bismarck, and Richard Wagner. This rental comes with all of the luxurious amenities you would expect of a mansion, both modern and antique, as well as a full staff during your stay.

-via Nag on the Lake | Photo: Airbnb​

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