Would You Enroll In The Official The Witcher School In Poland?

Here’s your chance to learn what it takes to be like Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher. Developer CD PROJEKT RED has teamed up with the organizers of a long running yet unofficial ‘Witcher School’ in Poland. The school has been active in Poland for six years, hosting more than 2,000 LARPers from 52 countries.  The collaboration makes the school an officially licensed activity.

People who enroll in the program get to have a chance to live in a real Polish castle, undergo Witcher training, ‘hunt’ monsters-- which, according to Entertainment Weekly, involves ‘fighting’ people dressed in monster costumes, and meet the characters from the games and the original source material. There are no special requirements to fulfill in order to be admitted to the school (aside from purchasing the ticket). 

To learn more about the special school, an official Witcher School website is available for viewing. 

Image credit: The Witcher School

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