William Shatner is Going into Space

John Glenn became the oldest person to fly into space when he rode on the space shuttle in 1998. He was 77. Wally Funk recently beat that record, when she flew on Jeff Bezos' private rocket in July at age 82. But now William Shatner, who is 90 years old, is booked to fly on Bezos' New Shepherd capsule. According to TMZ, Shatner, who played the original captain Kirk on Star Trek, will take a 15-minute ride into space in October. It is unclear whether Kirk, er, Shatner paid for the ticket, which can be as much as $20 million, or whether he is riding free. The publicity would be well worth it for Bezos' Blue Origin space tourist business. The flight will be filmed inside and out for a documentary.

While he's not exactly going "where no man has gone before," it will be somewhere that Shatner has never gone before in real life. Captain Kirk, on the other hand, really got around. -via Fark 

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