Why Does The Little Mermaid Remake Kinda Look Bad?

Don’t get us wrong, Halle Bailey as the new Little Mermaid is amazing! Her voice and portrayal of one of Disney’s popular princesses are a joy to see on the screen. No issue with that. However, just like some of the critics out there, we noticed one significant aspect of the movie when its trailers came out: its visuals. 

The original Little Mermaid was known for combining the beauty of hand-drawn animation with wonderful songs by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken. It was colorful, bright, and very detailed, even if there are scenes where these characters are deep in the sea. 

There’s also a lot of thought and passion placed into giving characters their little quirks and making them very expressive in the original animated film. But the remake lacks this vibrancy and life. Director Rob Marshall decided to follow the ways of The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast live-action films. He decided to present a realistic-looking undersea world, but everyone just looks so bland and eerie. 

Also, why is everything so dark? Why?

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