Where Brando Got Those Jowls in The Godfather

Marlon Brando mumbled his way through The Godfather, which only added to the realism of his character. Brando was only 47 years old when he portrayed Vito Corleone, a mob boss in his 70s. Part of transforming his look was the work of a dental prosthetic, designed by makeup artist Dick Smith and built by Brando's dentist. The appliance was meant to give Corleone the look of a bulldog, which was Brando's idea. The steel and resin contraption certainly looks uncomfortable. 

It must have been real drag to wear it all day every day during the filming of The Godfather. But then again, that's why he got the big bucks. Read more about it and see pictures of Brando getting made up for The Godfather at Vintage Everyday. -via Nag on the Lake 

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