Volvo's New Wheel Loader is Based on a LEGO Model

In 2018, Volvo partnered with LEGO and a team of children to design a futuristic, autonomous construction machine that turned out to be the LEGO Technic Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX set. Three years later, Volvo broke ground in smart construction technology and the decarbonizing construction industry by designing the Volvo LX03, a real prototype based on the LEGO set.

“We need to transform the construction industry with smart and more sustainable solutions that will have an impact on a global scale. The unveiling of the LX03 prototype today represents just that — and is a testament to the incredible expertise of our engineers and our united commitment towards positive change. Together with the LEGO Group, we are pushing the boundaries of both technology and imagination and the result is beyond anything the world has seen before," said Melker Jernberg, President of Volvo CE

The LX03 is a 5-ton wheel loader that is equipped with a brain that has the capacity to adapt to different situations. It can decide in real-time, collaborate with humans, and be programmed to do heavy, repetitive, or dangerous tasks.

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Image Credit: Volvo

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