Venom Sculpted Out of a Watermelon by Italian Artist Valeriano Fatica

Italian sculptor Valeriano Fatica spent 20 hours creating this amazingly detailed sculpture of Venom out of a most unusual material: watermelon!

Fatica grew up working in his family's restaurant in Italy, where he started carving watermelons for the restaurant's buffets. Since then, he has taken the art of fruit carving to new heights as you can see in the amazing details in his Venom watermelon carving.

Watch as Fatica carefully cuts and carves Venom's eyes out of the watermelon's rinds before he creates Venom's huge mandibles. Fatica carefully crafted Venom's teeth one by one, then implanted them with toothpicks. Next, he sculpted the villain's tongue out of the melon's red flesh.

We can imagine Venom watermelon say out loud, "We are melon!" after Fatica's all done carving it.

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