Unique Signatures that Identify Filmmakers

Rarely would someone say, "If you've seen one Coen Brothers movie, you've seen them all." If someone ever says that to you, you'll need to stage a Coen Brothers film festival to set them straight. However, there are habits and tricks that successful directors use over and over, because they work. And sooner or later, they become a recognizable feature of their films. That said, there are quite a few more ways to identify a Coen Brothers movie than just the camera angles. 

Honestly, the title of this list at Cracked is 13 Movies And Shows' Special Sauce That Makes Them Great, but only two of them are about a particular TV show, and none are about a single feature film. The rest of the entries are about notable filmmakers and something special they bring to all their movies. If you've seen more than one of a director's movies, you will recognize what these unique signatures are, even if you couldn't previously explain it to someone else. Well, now you can. That's a surefire way to impress a date.

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