Tom Hanks' Favorite Tom Hanks Movies

Tom Hanks has 94 acting credits listed at IMDb. While it includes a few TV shows and shorts, that leaves dozens of movies, most of them well-received. In fact, you can make a party game out of getting people to list as many Tom Hanks films as they can remember.

On a recent podcast, Hanks was asked for his top three favorite Tom Hanks movies. He won back-to-back Oscars for his performances in Philadelphia (1994) and Forrest Gump (1995), but neither appeared in his answer.

“I would probably say No. 1 would be ‘League of Their Own’ because all I did all summer was play baseball,” he said.

You see, it can be a completely different experience behind the scenes. An actor commits a lot of time, sometimes months, creating a production that may or may not affect audiences for two hours. Based on his reasoning, which movies do you think came in at numbers two and three for Hanks? Find out at Today. -via Digg 

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