The Ultimate Love Boat Intro- with 901 Guest Stars!

The Love Boat was a romantic comedy/drama television staple from 1977 to 1986. The joke at the time was that since it aired on Saturday night, it was a show for lonely people. The regular cast were the crew of a cruise ship called the Pacific Princess, and every week there would be two or three love stories involving passengers played by guest stars, which included well-known movie and TV stars, unknowns, and fledgling actors who went on to be quite famous later. A large number of those guest stars were from other ABC shows that the network wanted to promote. In this mega-mashup of the show's opening theme, YouTuber Retro Hole collected 901 guest stars who appeared on The Love Boat and fell in love over its nine-year run (plus several reunion specials). Let's see how many you recognize.

The video title originally said "Every Guest Star Ever," but that was amended after avid fans of The Love Boat pointed out a few omissions. Andy Griffith, Peter Marshall, Andy Warhol, Kristy McNichol, and Denver Pyle where inadvertently left off this video, although a few who didn't get their picture in the opening credits are included by name. Yeah, 901 guest stars makes for a long video, but you can watch it in installments. Or of you are looking for a particular favorite of yours, you can skip around and find them since they are listed in alphabetical order. The crew members are listed at the end.

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