The Ten Best Movies Starring Will Smith

Will Smith was only 22 when he landed his starring role in the sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Since then he has appeared in 47 feature films, or 46 if you don't count Bad Boys: Ride or Die, which hasn't yet been released. Despite his early success in TV comedy, most of his film roles have been dramatic, and when you look through them, you can see how he grew as an actor. Smith has done science fiction, biopics, action movies, animation, comedy, and drama, but his first Academy Award came in 2021 for King Richard, in which he portrayed Venus and Serena Williams' father, almost thirty years after his first movie role. Slashfilm has compiled a list of Will Smith's ten best film roles, and neither Wild Wild West nor Aladdin is on it.If you're looking for a movie recommendation, you'd do well by checking out the movies that made the list of Will Smith's ten best film roles. ā€‹

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