The Stunt That Almost Killed Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is famous for doing his own stunts, in real time, without much in the way of safety devices that would need to be digitally excised from the film. He has been injured countless times, which has affected his health over the decades. Was it worth the risk? Only Chan can answer that, but that's because he's still alive. One tiny misstep in any of those movie stunts could have spelled his end, but whether it's skill or luck doesn't change the fact that these stunts are incredibly dangerous, and we are thankful that most movie stars don't take such chances.

Half of this video is an overview of Chan's rise to stardom, which is worth the price of admission in itself. Then we get a close look at the closest Chan ever came to dying in making a film. There is also a minute-long ad in the middle. -via Digg 

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