The Secret Behind Kevin's Chili

One of the most memorable scenes in the TV series The Office was when Kevin spilled an entire pot of chili on the carpet. It's become an immortal meme, a talking point familiar to people who've never seen The Office, a viral recipe disguised as an easter egg, and even a Halloween costume. In the scene, Kevin tells us that his secret is to undercook the onions (which is no secret because I use raw onions in chili), but now we are going to learn the secret behind how the scene worked so perfectly on a tense day on the set.

Actor Brian Baumgartner recently discussed the stunt on The Rich Eisen Show. They talked quite a bit about what you'd expect: how crucial it was to get it right on the first take, and what a mess it was. Yes, it was real chili, which he could still smell on his hands hours after filming. But then we get a revelation about how they made it possible to spill such a heavy pot of chili. You'll learn that after the five-minute mark, but the entire segment is well worth a listen. -via Digg 

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