The Sandworm-Riding Scene from Dune: Part Two

The opening of Dune: Part Two is still three weeks away, but we get to see the sandworm-riding scene now in an extended preview from Movieclips. It's, let's say, pretty epic, and will whet your appetite to see it on an Imax screen if possible, or at least on a big theater screen. If you read the books of Frank Herbert's Dune series, there's no need to worry that the cinematic version won't hold up to what you saw in your mind's eye. It should be pretty close. 

Just for funsies, let's compare the above video with the 1984 movie, which, I don't know, was probably pretty breathtaking in its day.

Special effects have come a long way in 40 years, and so has the realistic portrayal of the actual physics involved in this fantasy scene. Oh, let's not kid ourselves; Star Wars did better even in the 1970s. Dune: Part Two opens nationwide on March first. -via Geeks Are Sexy 

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