The Games of Squid Game: The Challenge

Squid Game was a wildly successful hit series for Netflix in 2021 about the tragic desperation of people who need money and will do anything to get it, including risking their lives over and over. We weren't all that surprised when the reaction among thousands of people was, "Where do I sign up?" Netflix announced last year that they would make a reality game show modeled on Squid Game. That show, titled Squid Game: The Challenge, has begun filming in the UK with 456 contestants. The ultimate prize is $4.56 million.

In this version, no one will be killed off because of their performance, but bodily harm isn't out of the question. No premiere date has been announced for Squid Game: The Challenge, but we know that the games will resemble the children's games used in the fictional series. Uproxx explains each game and how it will be played, from the familiar Red Light Green Light to the weird candy carving called Dalgona. It will be most interesting to watch real life contestants trying to cross a glass bridge.

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