The Fall and Rise of Robert Downy, Jr.

I remembered Robert Downey, Jr. from the film Air America when I went to see the movie Chaplin and thinking, wait, didn't that kid appear on Saturday Night Live? Robert Downy, Jr.'s SNL days weren't all that memorable, but the face was familiar. After that, in my memories, he was just another drug addict that got a lot of press because he was a movie star. That is, until Iron Man, which is the role he's best known for today. But Downey himself credits two other movies, both flops, that made the biggest difference in his life. Honestly, he was in a lot of films that flew under my radar.

The latest video from Nerdstalgic traces the ups, downs, and ups of Downey's movie career, but it doesn't quite answer the most important question: when did he stop doing drugs? After many attempts at rehab and recovery, Downey has been drug-free since 2003, when he fell in love with his second wife Susan. The choice was her or drugs, and he chose wisely. ā€‹

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