The Brilliance of Bringing Back Khan in The Wrath of Khan

In 1967, Ricardo Montalban played a villain named Khan in an episode of Star Trek called "Space Seed." I remember seeing that episode, because Montalban was a well-known movie star and that didn't happen on Star Trek. My parents thought it was a cool bit of casting. Years later, I couldn't tell you much about the character. But then Khan reappeared in the 1982 Star Trek movie The Wrath of Khan with a very updated 1980s look, and I wasn't the only one who vaguely recalled his role from 15 years earlier.

However, Star Trek fans who didn't recall "Space Seed" at all saw The Wrath of Khan and became convinced that the bad blood between Khan and Kirk had been a festering wound for years, and that he had been the most important villain in the original series. Den of Geek takes a deep dive into how the movie arranged that, glossed over a few continuity errors, and introduced a method of bringing back a villain that the audience felt they knew even when they didn't. The same technique worked for Palpatine in Star Wars and with Thanos in The Avengers. You'll be glad you read it. -via Digg ā€‹

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