The Best Instant Noodles In The World

Instant noodles are honestly the type of food that you’d find comfort in. Whether you need a hot bowl of them during cold or rainy days, or when you’re in need for a quick meal, these products will certainly be serviceable. 

Initially created by Momofuku Ando in 1958 to help curb world hunger after the war, instant noodles became a huge industry, now being embraced as cheap sustenance and a good backdrop for experimenting with dishes. Aside from these benefits, we cannot deny that instant noodles are good and soothing to the soul: they’re warm, carby, salty, and sometimes spicy as well! 

With its rise in popularity, each country probably has their own version of instant noodles. In fact, according to the World Instant Noodles Association, people around the world consume it so much that over 106.4 billion servings were eaten in just 2019. 

If you’ve ever found yourself in a big aisle of instant noodles and want to try out some new varieties, maybe a list from The New York Times can help you out. They’ve created the list of different varieties of instant noodles from the recommendation of chefs, authors, bloggers, ramen reviewers, and noodle makers. From there, they picked eleven brands and taste tested them all. Check out if your favorite made the ranking here! 

If you’re asking us, our favorite is Samyang’s Buldak Carbonara. It’s got that creaminess, saltiness, a hint of sweetness, and a kick of spice that will make you want more servings!

Image credit: Samyang via Budget Box

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