Spock's Full Name Finally Revealed, Or Maybe Not

For more than 50 years, the Star Trek character Spock has just been called Spock, Mr. Spock, or one of his various Starfleet ranks plus Spock. One time in the original series, he mentioned that his full name is unpronounceable, but he never gave it a try, so neither did we. But it appears that will change.

Spock will be one of the main characters of the new series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, premiering May 5. It is set in the period between Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: The Original Series. According to TrekCore, on posters released for the Star Trek Mission: Chicago convention, Spock's full name was revealed as S’chn T’Gai Spock. Yeah, that's fairly unpronounceable. The reveal may have been premature, though. Almost immediately, CBS/Paramount+ issued a statement that the posters were incorrect in revealing the names of Spock and another character, M’Benga. The statement implied that the names themselves are incorrect, not that they were never going to be revealed. Or could it be that the names will be changed because of the premature revelation? Only time will tell. -via Uproxx 

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